With many of us spending more and more time at home, we take a look at the latest interior design trend predictions for 2022. We expect sustainability and eco-conscious choices to remain high on the list, and we’re looking forward to discovering some new favourites. Read on to find your new look for 2022.

Make a Statement

Statement pieces have always been popular. Whether it’s a feature wall or eye-catching, abstract art print, making a statement with your interior design is a great way to express yourself. House Beautiful predicts this will continue into 2022, with a particular focus on lighting.

“‘Equal parts functional and fashionable, statement lighting allows folks to spotlight their beautiful homes, while doubling as eye-catching artwork.”

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy‘s Trend Expert; via House Beautiful

Lighting can really set the mood in a room. You can choose to brighten up a space or dim it down for a cost atmosphere. We have a range of soft-glow lighting options to help you create a snug space, or brighter options to help cast away the shadows. You can find our whole lighting range here.

Going Green – Sense & Sustainability

The environment is increasingly at the forefront of everyone’s minds. More and more, we’re seeing our customers lean towards the more eco-conscious choices, and we support you all the way! In every source we’ve checked, sustainable and quality materials are high on the list. Following this, the colour green and other nature-inspired tones will be frontrunners for colour choices this year.

“Vintage textiles, and fabrics that are produced sustainably and with a slow ethos moves us away from mass production. From responsible companies with sustainability at their core who have a focus on handmade items that will last a lifetime.”

Chloe Jonason, Interior Design expert via Country Living

Here at Natural Bed Company, we make our beds to order from responsibly sourced timber. Our ethos follows sustainability and slow living to the letter, and we also try to work with as many environmentally-conscious brands as possible. We also have a bit of thing for the colour green…

We like to think that we predicted this one! Our blog post Going Green – Style & Substance explores this trend in much more depth, and gives some product suggestions, too.

Compartmentalise – Home Office Ideas

With the move towards slower living and natural materials also comes a focus on wellbeing. In a lot of ways, working from home over the past few years has helped many people with their mental health. We believe this is not only a reflection of current design trends, but trends in current affairs and the world at large. Interior design trend predictions for 2022 continue to follow this arc.

“2020 changed the way we lived, slept and worked. There became this move towards ‘zoning’ and creating areas for each area of our life. Compartmentalising made it easier for us to keep some normality in a very abnormal situation.”

Ben White, Design and Trade expert at Swyft via Country Living

Make your home office yours by introducing new favourites. A comfy chair for living spaces could be your new office chair. You don’t have to suffer office lighting in your own home, choose a large lamp or soft light to pop on as you transition into the evening. Add throws or cushions to your space to maximise comfort and warmth whilst working.

Mid-Century Style

One of our favourite looks is the mid-century inspired style. Think bold pops of colour, dark timbers and contrasting patterns. All tied together with sleek lines and a vinyl player spinning in the background. Personally, this style always conjures burnt orange, tomato red, olive green and mustard yellow for me, and these pair perfectly with our mid-century style furniture. Curved, tapering legs and plump upholstered headboards for stylish relaxation.

“Hughes sums up this phenomenon as “legible comfort”—things that simply look soft and inviting, plump and rounded. And after such a challenging couple of years, what could be better?”

Sarah Archer & (reference) Jude Hughes, via Elle Decor

As an honourable mention, another trend we came across via House Beautiful was the Sleep Sanctuary trend. This trend is categorised by the desire for bedrooms to return to a peaceful, calm space, rather than doubling as home offices! We couldn’t agree more and we feel our range of beds provide a great starting point for this transition.

Whatever your preference, we hope you manage to achieve your interior design dreams this year. We all deserve a lovely home to decompress and relax in, especially after the year/s we’ve all had! Let us know your thoughts on the new trend predictions over on Facebook and Instagram.