Our beds are designed to stand the test of time. Made from solid, sustainable timbers and crafted with timeless simplicity in mind. All our beds come with a 12 year warranty, and are locally made in our Sheffield workshop by real craftsmen. If you’re thinking of ordering a bed from us, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share our recommendations for taking care of your Natural Bed Company bed.

Do I need to re-apply oil or re-lacquer my bed base?

No. All of our bed bases come lacquered with a low-VOC, natural-look lacquer as standard. This maintains the natural grain and colour of the timber, and does not alter the colour in anyway. It is a hardwearing finish made to last, and does not need to be reapplied.

We can also provide any of our beds just sanded, without any lacquer, should you prefer to apply your own. In this case, we recommend following the maintenance instructions from your chosen lacquer/oil supplier.

How does the timber age?

All natural materials continue to develop over time. As we work with real, solid woods, they do develop as they age. Most timbers get a little deeper, a little warmer – usually over a period of a few years. This process only happens up to a point and then settles. The two exceptions to this rule are cherry and walnut.

Cherry deepens much faster that the other timbers; it starts off very light but quickly matures to the deep, reddish tone it’s know for. Whereas, walnut starts off a very dark, chocolatey brown shade, but warms and lightens over time.

For information regarding our timbers, please see the Our Timbers page on our website.

How to clean my bed?

In general, we find that our beds don’t need much cleaning. If you did want to clean your bed, we’d recommend dusting with a dry cloth or just using some warm soapy water from time to time. Do not use chemical-base cleaning products or polish as this can damage the lacquer. Our top tip for small scrapes or scuffs is that they often rub off using a white eraser!

How to maintain your bed base – our recommendations

To care for your Natural Bed Company bed, we generally recommend only a slight bit of maintenance. We just advise that you check your bed is square/not assembled at an angle, and that your fittings are tight without being overly tight. When tightening the fittings, you shouldn’t need to exert a lot of force to tighten them – a slight feel of resistance is enough.

How do I care for upholstered beds?

For our beds with upholstered headboards, we recommend simply vacuuming them to keep them looking their best, and spot cleaning them in the event of any blemishes. If you were to get a stain on your upholstered headboard, it may be that a specialist cleaner would be able to help.

Can I have my headboard re-upholstered?

Our timber bed bases cannot have the headboards replaced with upholstered headboards. This is because they are assembled it totally different ways. We can offer a re-upholstery service for our upholstered beds. However, the cost of transit back and forth would be quite costly. So we would recommend looking into a local upholstery service. They would be able to remove the fabric and replace it with new should you like to change it in the future at a much lower cost.

We hope this blog has given you some insight into how to care for you Natural Bed Company bed! If you’re looking for ways to style your NBC bed or for bedroom decor inspiration, why not take a look at our Pinterest page?

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