At this time of year, it appears that everyone is having a huge sale!
Naturally, we often get asked about Black Friday, Boxing Day, January or New Year Sales and whether it’s worth waiting until the price is reduced. The short and honest answer is “We don’t have sales”!
In this blog I’ll go into detail about why this is, and what it means to purchase a bed from Natural Bed Company!

Neutral bedroom scheme - Easycare polycotton bedding on Oak Kelham Four Poster bed

Sustainable timber

One of the most important factors to us is that all of our bed bases are made with sustainable timber. We never use endangered tropical hardwoods and we only source timber from legally certified, well managed forests under the European Union Timber Regulation. This ensures that once trees are harvested, new trees are planted to take their place. This ensures the cycle of planting, growth and harvest can continue for generations to come. We think it’s vital that the amazing natural resource of timber should be carefully managed. It can then be used to make furniture that will stand the test of time!

All of our hardwoods are sourced from North America and our Pine is from Scandinavia. Each timber has its own beautiful qualities, we simply seal and protect them with a natural looking lacquer. Therefore, the wood’s beauty is fully on display. We don’t really offer stains to make a timber look like another wood, and we don’t use veneer.

This care for carefully and sustainably sourced materials means that our prices need to be a little higher than most highstreet/online furniture retailers.
The timber used for mass produced furniture may be logged with no regard for the sustainability of the immediate environment. Ultimately, giving a lower retail price but at a greater cost for the planet.

Handmade to order in the UK

We pride ourselves in that each and every bed base is handmade to the highest quality in our Sheffield workshop.
Our local, skilled craftsmen take a bed order from start to finish. This gives them a great sense of pride in their work and ensures the best possible finish on the final bed. 

In terms of stock, we don’t really keep stock models that then need to be sold off in a sale!
Occasionally we may have an ex-display bed or a last minute cancellation from a customer available – you’ll find these on our sale beds page

Some other companies have their products/part of products made on mass in a big factory. This may mean a lower product price at the end, but it won’t be the same quality as a handcrafted piece. Making every item to order also means that we can offer a huge range of sizes, models and timbers.

Another great benefit of the bed bases being hand made to order is that we can customise our designs! Have a non-standard UK mattress? Want a taller bed? Need a footboard? That isn’t a problem for us! We frequently adjust our designs to suit each customer’s personal needs.
This wouldn’t be possible if the bed bases or pieces of the beds were stock items picked off a shelf!

Giving the best price possible

As mentioned above, we aim to give the best prices to our customers all year round. This covers our beds, bedroom furniture, bedding and everything else that we stock. Meaning that you don’t need to wait for January Sales, Black Friday, Summer Sales etc to place your order. You can be confident you are getting the best deal we can offer at the time, whatever the date!
At Natural Bed Company, we think of our bed bases as an investment that you can enjoy for years to come and even pass down. We frequently have customers who have gifted their old NBC bed to their son or daughter and are now buying a new one for themselves!
All of our beds come with a 12-year manufacturing warranty, but can last a lifetime if looked after.

Other furniture manufacturers may inflate their prices to give the biggest profit possible the majority of the year whilst giving the illusion of big savings for customers once sales come around. There’re even examples of companies putting prices up a few weeks prior to sale season. Just so they can then reduce them back down to the regular price – We would never do this!

If you’re thinking of ordering multiple beds, we may be able to add a little discount as a gesture of goodwill. Just get in touch with what you’re considering to order and we’ll provide a quote if this is possible.

I hope this quick blog has cleared up why we don’t have January/Boxing Day/New Year or any other sales. As a fairly small independent business, we’re very appreciative of all of our customers support – throughout the past few years especially! If you’re still a bit uncertain on your purchase or have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email. You can also visit our Sheffield showroom when we re-open in January!

We hope you all had a lovely festive season with family, friends and loved ones! We can’t wait to hear from you again in the new year!