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A collection of high quality duvets and pillows filled with feather, down or wool.

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  • mattress protector

    Mattress Protectors

    Recommended for every new mattress! If you want to protect your new mattress, or suffer from bed mite allergies, we’d recommend the use of a fitted mattress protector. They have a lightly quilted soft cotton cover with elasticated corners for easy removal and cleaning.
    The underside of the mattress protector is treated with Ultrafresh*, an antibacterial barrier effective in the elimination of dust mites. Our mattress protectors are machine washable, they are made oversized and shrink to the correct size after the first wash. The regular option has a polyester filling.

    New – 100% cotton-filled mattress protector with pure cotton percale cover. For a more natural, breathable, cooler night’s sleep this would be the protector of choice!

    natural bed company made in britain

  • memory foam pillow

    Memory Foam Pillows

    Memory pillows are popular new pillows that contain memory foam. This reacts like the Memory mattress to gently soften under the weight of your head – a very relaxing effect suitable for people who like a single low pillow.

    The Memory pillow is available in two shapes: regular and wave. The wave pillow is a popular Swedish design, ergonomically shaped to give good neck support.
    Both have a removable fabric cover.

    £65 per pillow

    Prices include delivery within the mainland UK.


    Standard – 72x42x12cm
    Wave – 60x43x11/10cm


    natural bed company made in britain

  • Wool Filled Pillow

    Wool Filled Pillows


    We are happy to add 100% British wool filled pillows to our collection. The wool filling is cleaned and processed using a system that separates the wool fibres and maximises loft, resulting in a light and fluffy filling that has not been bleached or chemically treated. Each pillow has a soft woven cotton case handcrafted in Devon.

    Size: 75x50cm

    £60.00 each

    Including P&P within the UK.

    New: These beautiful wool filled pillows now come with a free lavender bag!

    natural bed company made in britain

  • feather and down pillows

    Feather & Down Pillows

    5.00 out of 5

    Our feather pillows collection:

    Our wonderfully comfy duck down and goose down pillows are beautifully soft and fluff up perfectly every night. Goose down pillows are a wonderful investment that will last for many years. Lighter and warmer than synthetic pillows, down not only insulates and keeps you warm, it also allows excess body heat and moisture to escape, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep. They are covered in 100% downproof, breathable cotton cambric.


    natural bed company made in britain

  • feather & down filled duvets

    Down Filled Duvets

    The best down comes from geese from colder climates. It has a higher loft, insulates better and less is needed for a certain level of warmth: duvets made from the best down are lighter in weight. Our duvets are made with special boxed sections so that the down will remain evenly distributed for many years. They are are covered with 100% downproof, breathable cotton cambric.

    Good quality down duvets are beneficial to allergy sufferers – the high thread count of our duvet covers excludes dust mites and the drier environment (compared to a synthetic duvet) also discourages mites.

    Our down filled duvets are given tog ratings; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. What tog should I choose? It depends on how warm your bedroom is and how warm a person you are, also on the warmth of your mattress and the thickness of your duvet cover.

    4.5 tog is appropriate for summer use and for a warmer blooded person throughout most of the year. A good choice to use with our memory foam and Waterlattex mattresses.
    10.5 tog down filled duvets are perfect for a cooler room throughout the year.
    13.5 tog duvets suit a cold bedroom and cold winters. Although this is the most frequently purchased tog rating, for most people (for most of the time) it may well be too warm, especially during milder winters.

    To keep down costs and save on carriage, our duvets are sent to you direct from the manufacturer, the price includes carriage.

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  • Wool filled duvet

    Wool Filled Duvet

    We are pleased to offer a collection of British woollen duvets. The duvets are light and soft, made from pure wool with a high thread count, soft cotton case. Each duvet is professionally handcrafted; the minimal centre stitching creates a wonderful drape and luxurious feel. The wool is not bleached or chemically treated.

    The duvet is 300gsm in weight, equivalent to a 4-7 tog.

    NEW:  We have now added a 600gsm wool filled duvet to our range – perfect for cooler nights.  Approximate tog equivalent – 8-14tog.

    (gsm – grams of wool per square meter)

    All prices include delivery within the mainland UK.

    natural bed company made in britain