The Nevada is the most popular modern low bed in our range. It is perfect for creating a minimal, understated look for any bedroom, whilst being a space-saver for a loft bedroom where headboard height could prove to be an issue.

In this blog I will look in more detail at the Nevada, giving an overview of its dimensions, the tables and drawers that can be used with it, and the most compatible mattresses for this bed base.

Nevada contemporary wooden bed in Pine

Nevada Bed Dimensions:

overall length: 2.05m for 2.00m long mattress; 1.95m for 1.90m long mattress
overall width: same as nominal size, e.g. a 1.50m Sonora is 1.50m wide
height to top of bed slats: 17cm
height to top of headboard: 54cm
height from top of bed slats to top of headboard: 37cm
clearance underneath the bed: 8.5cm

Due to its low profile and its minimal low headboard, it is important to pair the Nevada bed with a mattress that will not overwhelm the base. The majority of the mattresses in our current range are between 16 and 20cm deep. This, we feel, is the optimal depth of mattress to be used with this bed. If you decide to source a mattress elsewhere please keep in mind that the Nevada works best with a mattress that is at most 20cm in depth, anything taller runs the risk of completely obscuring the headboard panel when pillows and a duvet are added. This would create the effect of the bed and mattress being out of proportion with one another.

When choosing a bedside table to pair with the Nevada bed it is important to consider both the dimensions of the table, (will it compliment the bed?) and your storage requirements. Do you need somewhere to simply place a lamp or book, or is more storage space required? For the former I would suggest the Nevada table, which as its name suggests, was designed with this bed in mind. If you prefer a more minimalist look try the Oregon table. For a table with storage our Low Cube table would be the perfect choice, combining a drawer and low shelf. Alternatively take a look at the Black Lotus low Cube tables which also suit the Nevada bed.

The Nevada is available in our full range of timbers, from sanded Pine to Walnut. Oak and Whitewash finished Pine are popular choices for this bed, the former offering guaranteed durability and the latter helping to create an airy modern look ideal for a loft bedroom.

If, after reading this, you decide that the Nevada may not be the right choice for you because you require a taller headboard, or want more clearance underneath the bed, do take a look at our Sonora and Sahara bed bases as alternatives.

For more information about this stylish, low modern bed – take a look at the comprehensive customer review from Simon: “The bed itself is very well made, ours has survived 2 house moves and the arrival of 2 energetic kids without any issue. Its on its 3rd mattress now, and is treated to one of comparative quality these days which makes it perfect. I really can’t remember a better long term investment that we have made as I just don’t see how our bed is ever going to need replacing. A bed for life!”

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    1. Hello Zahraa,

      We can ship our beds to Bahrain, to get a shipping quote for you we would need the model of bed you are interested in, the size you require, your preferred timber and your full address. We can then get a full quote to you including shipping.

  1. In the main picture of this article there are 2 bedside tables and a 3 drawer cabinet/chest that I cannot locate for sale on this website. Are they no longer for sale?

    1. Thanks for your enquiry and well spotted! Another company are making the chests for us and we expect stock late April. The bedsides have been replaced with the low cube bedside but we will again have a low-ish 2 drawer bedside in the style of the ones in the photo, again we expect stock late April.
      Thanks, Peter

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