Here at Natural Bed Company we offer a variety of mattresses to suit different preferences and requirements. For example some people require a mattress for their guests – which would need to suit the majority of people, whilst others require an organic mattress for a family member with chemical sensitivities.

This blog will focus on the Relaxsan Mattress, however Alessanderx (often known as Relaxsan) also produce the following high quality foam mattresses in addition to the firm Relaxsan Foam Mattress:
The Waterlattex – The Waterlattex Vision mattress is filled with a mixture of polymer foam and natural latex, expanded under water to produce a firm sponge-like structure. It has a Coolmax cover to keep you cool and fresh; a breathable band round the edges to enhance good airflow and ventilation.
– The Orthosoft – This mattress is firmer than the Waterlattex, but not as firm as the Relaxsan. The Orthosoft mattress is an excellent choice and especially popular for people in the 80Kg weight range.
– Cotton Chic – The Cotton Chic mattress is a medium-firm foam mattress with an organic cotton case. The 18cm deep central foam core is of Magniflex Ecogreen foam, the padding is of hypoallergenic fibre.
– Memotouch – This mattress is a great value option for those looking for a softer mattress with a ‘memory foam feel’. The MemoTouch mattress has a 16cm deep core of orthosoft foam offering great anatomical support. This core material is then covered with quilted memorex padding for extra comfort.
– Moon – The Moon is an excellent medium-firm mattress,that is really good value for money. The Moon has an inner ‘Orthofirm’ core covered with hypoallergenic and breathable outer padding.

The Relaxsan Mattress:

What is it?
The Relaxsan is supplied to us by our Italian mattress manufacturers; Alessanderx (also known as Magniflex and sometimes called Relaxsan). This mattress is 18cms deep, and has a crush proof, high quality teflon cover. The core consists of expanded polymer foam. The teflon cover has a wool side for winter and a cotton side for summer. Unlike memory foam mattresses, polymer foam mattresses can be both rotated and flipped to ensure even wear. The Relaxsan has an 8 year warranty against manufacturing defects, and is classed as anti-allergy and is dust mite resistant.

How does it feel?
Polymer foam resists the body, and has a similar surface tension to a sprung mattress. It does not mould around the body like memory foam. The Relaxsan is the firmest mattress in our range.

Who would it suit?
Due to the firm nature of the foam, the Relaxsan mattress is ideal for people who weigh 95kg+ (around 15 stone). A person weighing 95kg or over would feel the mattress give around the hip area, this allows correct alignment of the spine, aiding a restful nights sleep and preventing any back pain throughout the following day. Likewise too much give around the hips can also be detrimental to spinal alignment, therefore a person weighing over 95kg should avoid softer mattresses. For more information please see our blog; A good night’s sleep – how to choose the perfect mattress!

A lighter person would not find that the mattress gives around the hip area, and therefore may find the mattress too firm. I have slept on a mattress that was too firm for me and experienced lower back pain the following day. For more information on this issue please see our blog; Top tips for choosing the right mattress to help with back pain.

Personal preference is key to choosing the correct mattress.
I recently served a customer who likes to sleep on a duvet laid on the floor, and had therefore found most mattresses to be far too soft. As this customer was around 8 stone they loved the firmness of the Relaxsan mattress! The key is to listen to your own body. However we are more than happy to advise – please call us on 0114 272 1984 for a more in-depth chat.

By Amanda Thomson

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  1. I am looking for a mattress for a chemically sensitive person. It must not have fire retardants or other weird chemicals

    I need a small double sizewise

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