The Nevada collection of beds is made up of the Tibet, Malabar, Sahara, Sonora and unsurprisingly, the Nevada. This selection comprises some of the most popular contemporary bed frames in our range and is the perfect starting point when searching for your Natural Bed Company bed. From the low Nevada and Sonora, perfect for a loft bedroom, to the more imposing Tibet and Malabar, ideal for showing off dramatic timbers such as walnut and cherry, the Nevada range offers something to suit everyone.

The range is marked out through simple but stylish design, traditional but timeless. By having the mattress sit on top of the frame rather than within it, each bed’s footprint is reduced, your eye is caught then by the beautiful natural timber and clean lines of the bed rather than by how it takes over the room.

The Nevada is the lowest bed in the range, both in headboard height and clearance. As mentioned earlier, it is a great choice for a loft or any room where height is an issue. If you want a low bed frame but would like more of a headboard, whether to show more of the timber or for a more striking look, then the Sonora would fit the bill. The clearance underneath the bed and the height to the bed slats remains the same but the headboard height is increased from 54cm to 73cm.

If you would prefer a more traditional style of bed frame, with a higher headboard height and options for under-bed storage if required, then the Malabar, Sahara and Tibet bases are worth a look. The Malabar and Sahara bed frames are very similar, with the same cuts of timber used on both beds and the same height to the top of the bed slats. Only the headboard height differs here; 91cm for the Malabar, 77cm for the Sahara. Both beds can accommodate our Sahara under-bed drawers, with a maximum of four drawers for beds in a double size and above.

The Tibet stands out as the most imposing in the Nevada range, with the highest headboard (94cm) and with a higher base than the Malabar and Sahara frames with the height to the top of the bed slats 34cm rather than 30cm. If you wish to make the bed the focal point of the room and to show the timber as much as possible, then the Tibet would be the perfect choice.

As all of the bed frames in our range are hand-made to order, we can make alterations to our designs to meet your requirements. If you love the dimensions of the Malabar but prefer the chunkier sections of timber used in the construction of the Tibet, for example, we can modify the design to accommodate. Simply get in touch via phone or email and we will quote a price.

If you decide to visit us at our Sheffield showroom, we usually have a two or three beds from this collection available to view, please call us on 0114 272 1984 to check the latest display stock list.

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