Although they may look a little more imposing and complex than our other beds, the range of four poster bed frames available at Natural Bed Company are just as customisable. In this blog, I’ll take a closer look at the changes that can be made to our 4-poster beds: the Orchid, Oasis, Cube and Raj to ensure that the 4 poster bed you choose fits in perfectly with your needs.

Tailor the size:

The most common enquiry we receive regarding changes to our four posters centres around whether it is possible to alter the height of the posts, in order to avoid an existing light fitting or not overwhelm the room if the ceiling height is a little low. These changes can be made in some cases, simply let us know the measurements you require and we will check with our designer and workshop manager to ensure no problems will arise. There are some issues to consider when changing the dimensions of the base, especially with a four poster; if the posts are too low or too high, the bed may no longer appear to be in proportion (or very different to the proportions of the bed viewed on our web-site). By solving one problem, like the awkward positioning of a light fitting, it is possible to create another – so it is well worth careful consideration before you make a final decision. Feel free to discuss any amendments with our experienced sales staff – they will be happy to advise.

Our 4 poster beds can also be altered to accommodate your existing mattress if it is deeper than our standard mattresses (depth of 18-20cm). Simply let us know the depth of your mattress and we will ensure that the ‘mattress gap’ at the headboard end of the bed base will be increased – this raises the position of the headboard panel within the frame and ensures that the beautiful, natural timber of the hardwood headboard is not obscured by pillows!

We can also make our collection of 4 posters in special sizes – extra long for taller customers, continental sizes when required etc. As we make our beds to order we can make the size required to fit your mattress.

Select your ideal timber and finish combination:

You may have noticed a special edition of our Cube four poster available in black stained oak with a Zebrano headboard panel, an exotic and dramatic timber. This timber has become increasingly difficult to obtain and we recently had word from our timber suppliers that they are currently unable to source it. However, if you were interested in having a headboard panel made from a different timber to the rest of the frame, this remains possible. Cherry and walnut are excellent choices paired with either a very dark stained timber such as the black oak or wenge stained ash. Alternatively contrast a very light coloured timber such as maple, with a warmer or deeper hardwood. Either option would provide a great contrast, highlighting the beauty of each timber.

We offer a wide range of hardwoods – walnut, cherry, oak, beech, maple and ash and a range of finishes. Our standard lacquer finish is the ‘Natural’ lacquer which results in a very soft sheen (almost matte) and a very true timber colour. Our previous ‘Clear’ lacquer finish is also available – this results in a warmer cast to the tone of the timber. We also offer stain options and we can offer a solid lacquer finish over solid beech beds. The options are endless!

Design alterations:

We recently made a custom Orchid with the footboard end, upper canopy beam removed so as to not obscure a skylight, something I would not think to do and something you may not initially think possible. I mention it to show that it is always worth asking if an alteration can be made; we will always check with our workshop to discuss the feasibility of any changes. If possible, we are more than happy to accommodate alterations to our designs.

We are currently working to a 6-7 week manufacturing lead time for our range of four poster bed frames, with a further 5-7 working days for delivery, although for bespoke beds our lead-times can be a little longer. As with all of our hardwood beds, your four poster will be delivered on a 2-man room of choice service, so you don’t have to worry about getting any large boxes upstairs, the delivery company will do all the work. The beds are self-assembly, and although the thought of assembling a four poster can seem a little daunting, with 2 people this should take no more than 30-45 minutes.

By: Matthew Horner

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