Concern about the environment and fair production practices needn’t prevent you from pampering yourself – with our range of luxury, organic toiletries, towels and bedding, you can treat yourself with a clear conscience.

Organic Cotton Towels

Our collection of organic cotton towels includes travel towels, terry cotton towels and useful wrap towels. The classic terry weave, organic cotton towels are soft and stylish. Cosy and absorbent organic cotton towels in two sizes and three colours: dark anthracite grey, warm clay and soft blush pink. Complete the look with soft, waffle bath mats in anthracite or white organic cotton.

If you’re traveling, or looking for a towel to take to the gym, the travel towel is a great choice. These stylish travel towels are made of 100% organic cotton in dark anthracite grey or a warm taupe ‘clay’ colour. They have a soft terry finish to one side and smart woven finish to the reverse. These towels can be rolled and secured using a fixed loop, keeping them tidy and compact.

Alternatively take a look at our collection of organic cotton wrap towels. They are light-weight, yet absorbent – perfect for packing for holidays. These towels are available in three sizes and two shades: light grey or dark grey. The hand-hair towel is 40x120cm – they can be wrapped around the head and held in position by tucking one end into the band. The middle size 60x155cm, these soft and absorbent cotton towels are perfect for use at home, in the spa or even on the beach! They are generous in size and wrap beautifully around the body due to the clever design and light-weight absorbent fabric. The large wellness wrap size is 109x163cm – large enough to lie on at the beach and to wrap around your whole body when drying.

Organic Toiletries

We offer a luxurious range of organic toiletries from Meraki including body wash and liquid-soap. The organic body wash nourishes and hydrates your skin and, as it is fragrance-free, it is a perfect match for a sensitive skin. The soft foam contains nourishing ingredients such as organic aloe vera, cucumber and olive leaf extract that combats dry skin. The organic hand-wash contains organic oat and cucumber extract with aloe vera to nourish, soften and hydrate your skin.

If you’re looking for toiletries gentle enough for little ones take a look at the Meraki Gentle Care Set. These sets of organic bath foam and lotion with three cotton cloths are a real treat for anyone with sensitive skin. These organic products are a handy sizes for traveling, while the lightweight and absorbent cloths make great travel towels/cleansing cloths.

The set includes a mild and gentle bath/body cleansing foam and a zinc lotion – a gentle, protective ointment to sooth irritated skin – along with a  set of 3 organic cotton cloths in 3 subtle shades. This set makes a great gift for new mothers – the organic bath foam and zinc lotion are gentle enough for babies, the cloths can be used for nursing.

Organic Cotton Bedding

You don’t need to compromise on style or comfort when buying organic cotton bedding. If you’re looking for a full bedding set – sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers – take a look at our natural, organic cotton bedding. We have organic cotton bedding available in the original Classic version or with a soft, luxurious Sateen finish. The original range is undyed and unbleached – made with a strong, long-lasting organic cotton that softens with use and washing. This finest Sateen bedding has a fine weave, it’s soft, silky and is incredibly smooth to the touch. The thread count is approximately 290, but feels even higher.

We also have organic cotton mattress covers for an extra layer of cosy, comfort and organic cotton filled duvets.

Want to add some colour or pattern to your bedding scheme? Take a look at the Reversible Organic Cotton Quilts in grey or green – these lovely light-weight quilts are on special offer too! Alternatively invest in a beautiful organic cotton throw – these beautiful organic cotton throws in grey and blush pink are made of 100% organic cotton, certified by the soil association and GOTS.

Why choose Organic Cotton?
Organic cotton is proven to deliver benefits for people and the environment – when it comes to making trustworthy sustainability claims about cotton, nothing beats it.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world’s leading organic textile processing standard. It ensures that textiles are truly organic at every stage of production – from ginning, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling of the final product. GOTS makes sure that:

  • Inputs in processing such as dyes and inks comply with strict biodegradability and toxicity requirements
  • Factories have functioning waste water treatment plants to protect local ecosystems and water supplies
  • Products do not contain any allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues
  • Core International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions must be met throughout manufacture and a social compliance management system must be set up
  • GOTS certifies thousands of textile businesses around the world and is fast becoming the accepted standard for truly organic textiles. In fact in the USA, where textile products labeled as ‘organic’ are legally required to be certified organic from production to processing, GOTS is an officially recognised standard.
  • Organic cotton production never uses GM seed. The small-scale farmers who produce the majority of cotton need reliability, not high risks. Using low external inputs that are locally available, organic production allows farmers to work within their limits and with their environment, in a sustainable way. Organic cotton puts choices in the farmer’s hands. “The GM companies might claim that the yield has increased, but the fact remains that input costs have risen disproportionately. Here, it was only after GM cotton was introduced that the use of pesticides started, with Bt (a type of GM seed) cotton you have to use a lot of fertilisers and chemicals. Every single day we see at least one of our farmers killing themselves because they unable to repay their debts. If all farmers are secure and happy as the Bt seed companies claim, then why are farmers killing themselves?” Kusum Rao, an organic farmer from Adilabad District in India and Chairman of Chetna Organic Farmer Association.
  • Organic cotton farmers around the world demonstrate every day, cotton can be grown without pesticides. The price of organic includes investments made by farmers who recognise the importance of protecting their environment. By maintaining soil fertility, preserving biodiversity, conserving water resources and using renewable resources, there are no hidden costs. Their return on investment is felt by people and the environment, now and in the future.