In the five years since we launched the Shetland bed, our first base with an upholstered headboard, we have expanded the range to include four further designs. The collection now comprises, an elegant mid-century look bed (the Shetland), a low bed (the Iona), a 4-poster (the Highland), a contemporary, mid-height design (the Arran) and a statement bed base (the Skye). In this blog I’ll take a closer look at each bed base and discus the different options available, how they can be tailored to meet your requirements and bedroom furniture that can be matched with each design. You will find a full list of bed dimensions underneath the description of each bed, showing how each design differs in clearance, headboard height and overall footprint.

The Shetland Bed

Lets start with our original upholstered bed base – the Shetland. The substantial headboard panel shows off your chosen fabric to the fullest and the hard-wood frame. that encloses the fabric section. allows your chosen timber to be visible to either contrast with, or compliment, your choice of upholstery. The slender sections of timber used for the legs mirror the sections used for the wooden frame on the headboard, creating a symmetry at the footboard and headboard ends of the bed base. The high clearance underneath the Shetland allows for under-bed storage to be paired with the bed – our Tibet under-bed drawers would work best here. If you are looking for bedside tables, the Original Cube Table, Tall Cube (depending on the depth of your mattress) or the Black Lotus 3 Drawer Shaker Bedside would have the right dimensions to compliment the look of the bed base.

Shetland Dimensions:
overall length: 212cm for 200cm long mattress; 202cm for 190cm long mattress.
overall width: same as nominal size e.g. a 150cm Shetland is 150cm wide.
height to top of bed slats: 37cm
under-bed clearance: 26cm
height to top of headboard: 110cm

The Arran Bed

For a more contemporary design and a bed with a smaller overall footprint, take a look at the Arran bed. This bed base was designed for customers wanting the luxury and comfort of an upholstered headboard, but who need a more compact design. For example, a king size (mattress size 150x200cm) Arran would have a footprint measuring 150x205cm. To compare, a Shetland frame would measure 150x212cm. The Arran’s buttoned headboard design is a simplified version of a classic buttoned headboard. Comfortable, deep padding is complemented with larger than traditional buttons (each handmade by our upholsterer) to create a modern twist on a classic design. For storage solutions, the Sahara under-bed drawers, Original Cube Table and Black Lotus 2 Drawer Shaker bedsides would work best.

Arran Dimensions:
overall length: 205cm for 200cm long mattress; 195cm for 190cm long mattress – see Mattress page for mattress sizes.
overall width: same as the nominal size, e.g. a 150cm Arran is 150cm wide
height to top of bed slats: 31cm
under-bed clearance: 19cm
height to top of headboard: 102cm

The Iona

The Iona bed is by far the simplest and understated upholstered bed base in our collection. A low bed with a small headboard, the Iona works well in attic rooms or small bedrooms where space is at a premium. The headboard contains one row of buttons, compared with the Arran’s two but the compact nature of the design does not mean you are sacrificing luxury for practicality. The headboard is made of the same comfortable padding as the other beds in our range, upholstered by the same local craftsmen. If you require bedside tables, the Low Cube, Black Lotus Low Bedside Unit or the Ethnicraft Madra table would be ideal choices.

Iona Dimensions:
overall length: 2.05m for 2.00m long mattress; 1.95m for 1.90m long mattress – see Mattress page for mattress sizes.
overall width: same as nominal size, e.g. a 1.50m Iona is 1.50m wide
height to top of bed slats: 18.5cm
under-bed clearance: 9cm
height to top of headboard: 79cm

The Highland 4 Poster Bed

Based on our popular Orchid bed, the Highland 4 poster combines the contemporary design of a modern 4 poster with the cosiness and luxury of an upholstered base. As with the Shetland, with this design you are able to both show off the beautiful hardwood timber used to make the bed frame, and combine it with the warmth of the wool and subtle patterns of the upholstered headboard fabric. The Highland will work with any of our mid-height and tall bedside tables.

Highland Dimensions:
overall length: 209cm for a 200cm long mattress; 199cm for a 190cm long mattress
overall width: 9cm wider than nominal size, e.g. a Highland bed that accommodates a 150 x 200cm mattress is 159cm wide
height to top of bed slats: 42cm
under-bed clearance: 28cm
height to top of headboard: 196cm

The Skye Bed

The Skye bed is the perfect upholstered base to choose if you a looking for a statement bed, if you want the bed base to be the focal point of the room. With an extra tall headboard – 129cm from the floor to the top of the panel – and substantial sections of timber used for the legs and side rails, the Skye is stylish, contemporary and eye catching. As with the Shetland base, the Tibet under-bed drawers work best with this bed if you are looking to maximise storage space. There are a number of bedside tables that could be paired with the Skye, from our Original or Tall Cubes to the Black Lotus 3 Drawer Shaker Bedside.

overall length: 207cm for 200cm long mattress; 197cm for 190cm long mattress sizes.
overall width: same as nominal size, eg a 150cm Skye is 150cm wide
height to top of bed slats: 38.5cm
under-bed clearance: 27cm
height to top of headboard: 129cm

As with all of the beds in our range, the upholstered collection is manufactured by craftsmen in our Sheffield workshop. The upholstered headboards are made by local upholsters with years of experience to the highest standard.
When deciding on your headboard fabric you can choose from a range of pure wool (Parquet) or wool mix options (Tailor and Amatheon). You can see images of each option on the related bed pages but if you would like to receive a swatch of the material, simply get in touch on 0114 272 1984, or via email at [email protected], and we will arrange for a sample of the fabric to be posted out to you, direct from the manufacturer.

For more inspiration please take a look at our Pinterest Board: Upholstered Beds.