After the Second World War, manufacturers, designers, craftspeople and the general public, started to look for something new. Something brighter, something modern. During this time, people sought homes and homewares that suggested a new future; a break away from what had gone before. Out of America and the Bauhaus movement in Germany, a much more graphic, pared-down style emerged.

This new look for furniture was plainer and more minimal, with gentle crafted curves and dark wood. Emerging technologies brought new ways to use traditional materials. For example; tubular steel or steam-bent and laminated wood. Furthermore, craftsmen used metal in new creative ways, making furniture look lighter and more slender. Often, they combined this with wood or leather.

The vibrancy and sense of the times often came from the colour palette used in upholstery, paint and accessories. On a base of neutral tones, muted hues including earthy green, brick red, yellow ochre, muddy brown and teal blue, looked new. In particular, bold, graphic patterns were often paired with white, black and wood.

How to achieve this look?

An interest in this period and its style has grown in recent years. As a result, it can be easy to achieve this look at home as this palette of colours is very popular and readily available. The best way is to start by building your room around a statement piece of furniture.

For the bedroom, take a look at our beds. The Camden, Hoxton, and Bloomsbury and their lower-framed cousins the Carnaby and Pimlico feature hand crafted curves and slender lines. For the mid-century look opt for one of these models in a darker timber such as Cherry, Oak or Walnut. Choose upholstery in flecked wool fabric in muddy, earthy tones.

If you already have your bed, choose bedside tables in this style to start building your look. From our collection, take a look at the Spindle Bedside table, the Camden Tables or Ethnicraft’s Pi Side table. Along with these, the Geometric Side Tables, and Mid-Century look side tables also boast the characteristic soft edges and hand-crafted appeal of this style.

Bring in colour with a feature wall and great accessories. For example, paint the wall behind the head of your bed in one of the earthy mid-century colours mentioned earlier. Or, choose a bold, graphic-patterned wallpaper.


Characterised by a mix of natural and manmade materials, mid-century modern makes for an outdoors/indoor look. Style your room with potted plants, colourful patterned throws or blankets with black and white graphic designs, and natural bedding. For instance, take a look at some of our mid-century homeware suggestions below;

For a lounge area, look for a sofa like our Mid-Century Sofa bed with soft edged wooden arms. Also, take a look at the Modern sofa/chair-bed with curvy black metal legs.

Now it’s time to relax in your own mid-century heaven. Why not snuggle under your retro blanket and watch the Madmen series for further inspiration! Speaking of, take a look at our Pinterest board: Modern Bedroom Ideas, for even more ideas.