We’re always happy to answer any questions regarding our solid wood bed bases here at Natural Bed Company. Understandably, lots of people want all the details before proceeding with a purchase and we often get similar queriers quite frequently. I’ve put together one helpful list of FAQ’s to (hopefully) make your new bed purchase as simple as possible!

Where are your beds made?

Lets start with an easy one!
All of our bed bases are hand made to order in our Sheffield workshop. We have a small team of woodworkers, who take an order from start to finish. It is then expertly lacquered and safely packed before being despatched directly to you.

How long will it take?

Short answer – approximately 14-16 weeks at the moment.

Long answer – Every bed base is handmade to order and we don’t keep any designs in stock. So it isn’t a matter of pulling products/parts off a shelf like some other manufacturers. There are a certain amount of bed bases our small Sheffield workshop can make each week. Due to this, our lead times can vary depending on how many orders are in the production queue.
Our standard lead time is usually approximately 10-12 weeks. However, we have been very fortunate that the last couple of years have very busy for us. This resulted in our lead time extending throughout this busy period, reaching around 20 weeks at its longest.
We’ve taken steps to try and bring this down where we can such as taking on additional workshop space and training extra craftsmen. This has brought our lead time back down to approximately 14-16 weeks currently.
All of our bed base product pages are updated with the most accurate lead time when there is any change. Once an order is placed, a contact date will be confirmed with you. We will be in touch around this date to confirm despatch and discuss delivery.
For the most up to date information on when a new order will be ready, you can contact us on 01142721984 or [email protected]

Can you make my bed base quicker?

Short answer – Sorry, not really!

Long Answer – It isn’t that it takes 14-16 weeks to make one of our solid wood bed bases, there is essentially a longer queue of customers than usual. Our workshop work through orders chronologically to keep things fair. As each weeks production is full, moving someone up the queue would mean delaying another customer who placed their order earlier than you and already has a contact date confirmed. This is not something we would do. There are no expedited services that you can pay extra for.
With that being said, our workshop team are working very hard to try and bring our lead time down. A few orders each week are being despatched 1-2 weeks earlier than initially anticipated as the woodworkers move through the queue slightly quicker than predicted. It is slow progress, but we’re hoping that this means more orders each week will be able to be despatched and delivered to you a little earlier. If this is the case for your order, we would be in touch to let you know.

What kind of timber do you use and can I request a certain look?

We use a range of sustainably sourced timbers. Our pine is from Scandinavia and our hardwoods – ash, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and beech are from the USA or northern Europe.
Sometimes people ask for specific looks from the timber such as “Can I have only light pieces of Oak?” or “Can you use sections without any knots?” – As timber is a natural product, it will vary in colour and grain. We therefore can not guarantee the exact look of the wood you will receive. The variations in the timber gives the wood it’s ‘life’ and ensures that every bed we make is unique.
We are always happy to advise on what timber we think the best match to your existing furniture would be. However, the final choice is yours!
More information can be found and free samples requested in the Our Timbers section of our website.

Can I customise a bed base?

Another easy one – Yes!
Again, as every bed base is handmade to order, this gives us the freedom to tweak our designs to your needs. Like the Malabar but wish it was a little taller? Got a non UK size? Want the Carnaby base with the Hoxton headboard? Like to use your own fabric on the Bloomsbury? There are lots of things we can adjust to make your bed base just right!
There are some limits on what can be structurally changed on certain designs, but we will always offer advise on our best compromise. We can adjust our own designs but we cannot create new designs from scratch or copy another company’s design.
Got an idea? Email our sales team on [email protected]

Can I have a discount?

Short answer – sorry, no!

Long answer – As a fairly small independent business where every bed base is handmade to order, we really don’t have the mark ups to offer discounts. Unlike some other companies, we offer our best possible prices all year round as opposed to inflating them most of the year and then taking part in big Black Friday/Boxing Day/Summer sales etc. More information on this can be found in our Why we don’t have January sales blog!
There are some circumstances where we may be able to apply a small discount as a gesture of goodwill, for instance, if you are ordering multiple beds. If you’re considering placing a large order with us, please do get in touch.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We’re so proud of our international orders that we even have large map up in the office to keep track of all the countries, states, cities etc housing our lovely beds.
All we need to get a shipping quote is:
– your chosen design
– size (yes, we can make non UK sizes too!)
– timber
– full delivery address
More information can be found on our International Orders FAQ’s Blog!

Do you have a finance option for your solid wood bed bases?

Short Answer – No

Long Answer – We don’t have finance options unfortunately. However, we do only require a 10% deposit to get your order started! This means the remaining 90% can be settled anytime up until despatch. Some customers choose to pay a smaller amount each month or you can wait and pay the balance off a few days before despatch.

What if I don’t like my bed base?

We’re very proud of the quality of our solid wood bed bases but, of course, in the unlikely instance that you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you can simply return it for a refund! See more details on the returns policy in our Terms and Conditions.
We find that returns are very rare and we’re sure that you would love your Natural Bed Company bed as much we do!

Are there any questions on our solid wood bed bases that we have missed? Let us know – We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have!
As always you can contact us via phone, email or pop into our Sheffield showroom.