It’s that time of year again where we predict the future! Last year, we wrote about how it felt like the world was settling down again after the chaos of the pandemic. That still certainly feels relevant this year, as we all try to regain a sense normalcy. I personally believe this is reflected in the interior design trends we’ve seen over the past few years. And, the trend predictions for 2024 are no different. It seems that there is more focus on creating a space that reflects our personalities, rather than sticking to a certain aesthetic or colour scheme. Read on for our expectations for the new year.


This trend was starting to grow a couple of years ago, with a rising interest in lime-washed walls. In 2024, we expect to see this idea take off with more focus on creating the real deal. Textured plaster walls will take centre stage in favour of lime-washing, to create a more realistic textured look.

Similarly, fabric textures are on the move. Boucle, velvet and leather are all on our radar for the coming year, but also blanket textures such as chunky knits, faux furs and sheepskins are showing up. Creating a space with varying textures not only draws the eye, but adds interest and intrigue to any space. Mixing and matching colours and textures is a trend in itself – whether you’re creating a modern mid-century look with leather and wood, or indulging in dopamine decor with crochet and sequins.

Brown Colour Palettes

Brown is in. We’re seeing a big rise in this classic neutral colour. Think tan leather, warm browns and dark woods, contrasted with white walls or complemented with similar muted shades. In terms of bedding, we’re already seeing a rise in clay colours (such as the gorgeous pink clay in our Organic Muslin Cotton Bedding), and we think brown will follow suit.

Nature and natural tones have played a huge part in interior design trends over the last few years, and brown and clay colours continue to play into this theme. Another favourite of ours on this thread are the new khaki Organic Cotton Waffle Towels – the perfect meeting point of our beloved khaki green, but with a deep brown undertone.

Curved Contrasts

You know we love to talk about mid-century modern. We’re all aware that it’s the best and one of our favourite styles here at Natural Bed Co. But. There’s a reason it’s been at the forefront of design trends for the last few years. We think it’s the idea of harking back to a less cluttered, simpler time, before the rise of social media and before the dreaded pandemic. It allows us to be nostalgic, and bring a retro, yet homely feel to our living spaces.

This year, it seems that curved, organic shapes are going to be contrasted with straight lines. This offset means that both shapes can be seen at the same time, and actually help to accentuate each other.

Take a look at our Hoxton bed, with curved legs and soft edges, but accented with its signature chevron headboard. Or, why not head over to the new Chiswick bed? A take on our original Camden design, it also boasts curved legs and edges, but has a front-mounted headboard panel which takes on a bold, almost geometric shape. All made in our classic solid woods to add a natural accent to your bedroom.

Vintage Thrift

Vintage, thrifted and artisanal goods have been experiencing a revival over the last few years. We’re all about the move away from fast fashion and mass manufactured goods, and thrifting and antique stores have played a big part in how we approach buying for our homes. Not only does buying pre-loved help the planet in sending less to landfill and creating less waste, it also allows us to find more unique items that we might not come across elsewhere.

We love working with slow living brands that are similar to ourselves. Take a look at the ever popular Textured Organic Cotton Throws or the Waffle Patterned Bedspreads – both made by an eco-conscious manufacturer. Or, treat yourself to a bath soak or candle from UK company Bath House. Their toiletries, candles and diffusers are lovingly made in small batches in Cumbria, UK.

Greenery & More Greenery

It’s often difficult to write about trend predictions, but for 2024, we know there’s one that will just continue to grow. Our plants have become part of our homes, sometimes even part of our families (we’re looking at you, plant parents!). And, having plants around the house is a trend that grows and grows. Keeping plants not only invited the outside in, but it also increases our dopamine levels. Some can even help to purify the air with breathe and reduce toxins around the home.

Plants have also inspired a huge colour trend over the few years. Green has always been a favourite here, but it’s on the radar now more than ever. We expect dark, forest greens will be a big hit this year, and olive and sage will continue to stick around alongside.

We hope this little article has given you some inspiration if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve for next year’s design trends. Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram if you decide to try any of these out, or if you have any predictions of your own you’d like to share! As always, you can find even more design inspo over on our Pinterest page.