You don’t have to search far on our website to know that we are huge fans of clean, minimal design. Some of our very first bed designs as Natural Bed Company were our Japanese contemporary beds, which embody that minimal look perfectly. With straight, long lines and platforms galore, our Japanese style beds are ideal for creating a linear, softly geometric look. Read on to learn about the whole collection.  

Kyoto Collection

The Kyoto collection is the foundation of our Japanese style beds. Inspired by traditional Japanese design, they have an ultra-minimal look, designed to sit flush with mattresses. This makes them perfect for compact spaces, as they have a small footprint. They can also be ordered with or without a headboard, depending on your preference.

Kobe a low wooden Japanese style bed or futon base shown with a headboard

Made up of three beds, the Kyoto collection encompasses the Kobe, Kumo and Kyoto. They’re all essentially the same design, but in varying heights. The Kobe is the lowest at just 14cm to the height of the bed slats. The Kumo is in the middle at 21cm to the bed slats and the Kyoto is the tallest at 26cm. Each takes design inspiration from the floating, platform style of traditional Japanese beds. They’re also very low to the floor, allowing for a spacious look in any room they’re placed in.

These beds can really be styled any which way you like thanks to their neutral, easy-going look. However, if you’re going for that minimal modern look, we suggest keeping it simple with soft colours such as creams and beiges. You can then bring in contrasts of darker colours or even pops of bright colour to accentuate clean lines and angles.


Another great option for creating a laid back, minimal look is the Ki. A slightly different design to the Kyoto collection, the Ki has a slight platform around the edges of the bed, giving it a larger footprint. The main features of the Ki are its super low profile, and its footboard and headboard panels. This not only provides a flat, neat look to the front of the bed, but also gives shape to the overall frame. How the foot and head panels run into the sides of the bed and surround the mattress is one of our favourite details on the Ki. 

We love the Ki in our lighter timbers such as ash or maple. Match with a statement pattern throw and feature wall for a pop of colour.


The Kulu is a unique design amongst our beds, as it has the option of being made with built-in side tables. You can choose to have these or not, depending on your preference, but they can elevate the overall design of the bed; accentuating its floating design. A popular choice for large bedrooms, the Kulu has a pared-back feel overall, but its oversized headboard gives it a design-focused look. 

Pair with plain, organic cotton bedding and a thin, lightweight duvet for a simplistic, modern feel.


Luxurious and perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, the Oregon boasts an elegant shape and large footprint. Ideal for spacious rooms, this is the ultimate platform bed. A more modern take on Japanese style, the Oregon is a design all its own. Details such as the floating platform and low profile hark back to traditional tendencies, whilst the angled headboard and slim sections root it firmly in the here and now.

The Oregon loves relaxed simplicity. Match with your favourite linen bedding and one of our new Muslin Cotton Throws in your favourite colour.

It’s worth noting that we photograph our Japanese contemporary beds with slim mattresses (approx. 20cm in depth) to enhance the minimal look. They each have very slim headboard panels, and as such, can look different with deeper mattresses. If you’re thinking of ordering one of these beds, but have a deeper mattress, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the best option for you. 

Kyoto low Japanese-style bed comes with or without a Headboard. Here's a view of how the headboard attaches to the frame

For even more inspiration on Japanese inspired beds and bedrooms, check our our Pinterest board – Japanese Style Bedrooms.