Over the past few months, we have launched a few new designs within our Camden Collection, and we’re excited to now introduce you to two of our very latest – new four poster beds; the Canterbury and the Harrow. If you’re interested in knowing more about these designs, keep reading!

First and foremost, an important note to make is that the Canterbury and Harrow have just one difference between them! Their dimensions and overall design are exactly the same. The only differing feature is their headboard panels. The Canterbury has a plain headboard, whereas the Harrow (in the same vein as our Kelham, Hoxton, Highbury, Hathersage and Dalston) has a chevron pattern to the headboard panel.

In particular regards to the chevron on the Harrow’s headboard, we find that walnut, cherry and ash bring out the pattern beautifully. These timbers have quite strong and contrasting grains overall. Their variation is especially highlighted on chevron style headboard panels.

Unlike our other four poster beds, the Canterbury and Harrow feature a tapered leg below the side rails. Just like our Rajasthan, it also has tapering to the posts.

The rounded, slim posts and legs give the designs a unique mid-century inspired look; a signature motif of the Camden Collection (which also includes the Camden, Hoxton, Chiswick, Highbury, Pimlico, Carnaby and Bloomsbury bed designs).

However, unlike the rest of our Camden Collection, the tapering of the legs on these 4-posters is slightly more angular.

The canopy is what sets the Canterbury and Harrow apart from most of our four posters. Like our Rajasthan, each beam does feature a slim, rectangular timber section. These slimline beams have a delicate and refined design, in keeping with the slim, elegant leg posts. Each of the top corners also features a recessed section of timber around the circumference of the post. (Again this is a signature motif you’ll also be able to see featured on the Camden bedside tables and benches).

An important to note to make about the canopy section is that, due to its more slender design, it isn’t intended for use with heavy fabrics. If you are interested in using more heavy drapery, we’d recommend checking out our other four poster beds.

The Canterbury and Harrow beds are available in all of our hardwood options; Beech, Ash, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut. As with all of our four posters, these new bed bases are not available in any of our pine options. The Canterbury is pictured in this blog in solid oak and the Harrow is pictured in solid walnut.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful hardwoods. After all, it will always come down to what you like the look of above anything else! However, as mentioned above, if you really want that chevron to stand out on the Harrow, ash, walnut and cherry are great options.

For more information on our hardwoods, and to order free samples, check out the Our Timbers Page.

What we absolutely love about all of our four posters beds is that you can never do seem to do too much! The grand nature of these designs really allows you to go as all out – or as minimal – as you want.

Due to their mid-century influence, you could choose to go for a retro look. However, the delicate, rounded features also makes these beds perfect for a more dialled back, contemporary style.

Admittedly, we love to use a liberal amount of cushions here at NBC! We also find popping a cushion or two (or three) can really make your four poster look extra cosy. Pair this with a more layered look, using a bedspread or throw, you can create a welcoming and comfy look (and feel) to your bed.

You can find our full range of bedding here, and our cushion range here.

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