We’ve been making our Natural Bed Company collection of beautiful, solid wood beds in Sheffield for just over 30 years and our first design in this range – the Kumo bed – is still one of our most popular. Here we’ve taken the opportunity to celebrate the Kumo – we’ve dressed it in 3 of the most popular styles of the last 3 decades.
The Kumo bed was designed by the founder of Natural Bed Company – Peter Bennion. He was inspired by the simple elegance of Japanese interior design. Kumo is the Japanese word for cloud – which seemed appropriate as this bed design almost appears to float! The solid, recessed legs disappear under the mattress base so it almost appears to hover.
Peter, though no longer at the helm at Natural Bed Company, continues to be inspired by the east – importing beautiful objects and textiles, with business partner Kay Wallace, for their latest project – Silk Road Gallery. You can see a couple of their beautiful Buddha statues in some of these images.

Classic Japanese Look

This style was very popular when the Kumo was first designed in the 1990s. Leaning into the motifs we associate with Eastern interiors – this look incorporates a black and white colour scheme with pops of rich, vibrant red.

This solid oak Kumo bed with a headboard panel works well with this look. The Madra bedside table suits the Japanese style, while offering lots of handy storage space!

The bedding we’ve used for this look is our black waffle patterned bedspread with pure linen bedding in shades of grey. The splash of brick red comes from one of our luxury wool throws. Check out the collection in this colour range here.

Love the wall colour? We do too. It’s a Coat paint called Yes Chef! A subtle, brick red – it manages to be both rich and restful. Perfect to complete this classic Japanese bedroom look.

Industrial Luxe

A favourite look from the noughties through into the late 2010s was the urban, industrial look. Characterised by black metal details, industrial look lighting and a more masculine or neutral colour palette.

We’ve incorporated the Monolit bedside tables in natural oak, with a black metal frame. These bedside units are stylish yet minimalist, with useful drawers for storage.
These bedside units look great with the Kumo bed. The graphic, rectilinear design of the Kumo bed ensures it suits a wide range of styles, but the metal furniture used here gives this look an urban edge.

The simple muslin bedding used here is perfect for this look. The overall feeling is relaxed and uncomplicated. The leather look chair, sheepskin rug and metal locker – completes the low-key, New-York loft style look.


The latest look – and perfect for the Kumo bed – is the Japandi style. This look is a contemporary blend of Japanese, minimalist style with a fresh Scandinavian modernity. Soft, neutral, textured bedding and natural materials characterise this look.

In this bedroom scheme we’ve used the low Cube bedside tables in solid oak. The wide and low design of these units results in an elegant Japanese style, low level look. While the modern, cube style references contemporary Nordic interiors.

The bedding we’ve chosen for the Japandi look adds interest with a range of textures rather than pattern or colour.
The overall look is serene and relatively timeless – just like the Kumo bed!