Using Futons and Sofa Beds for a Flexible, Modern Bedroom

Futon Sofa-Beds for Flexibility and Style!

Futon sofa beds are a great choice for your spare bedroom or lounge.  You can turn your spare room from a cosy, occasional snug into a stylish bedroom in minutes with a Kyoto day-bed. The elegant designs of the Panama and Cuba sofa beds make stylish additions to your lounge, convincing as both sofas and beds.

The Kyoto futon day-bed is a luxurious addition to your lounge or bedroom. This incredibly comfortable day-bed can be used to relax on, or as additional seating or a useful extra single bed. The Kyoto day bed included our beech sprung slats for guaranteed comfort while sleeping. The hardwood base is available in our full range of hardwood timbers – beech, ash, oak, maple, cherry or walnut. The fixed cotton futon cover is available in a range of colours. The day-bed can be ordered with a luxury sheepskin headrest cushion, available in black, grey or brown.

If you are looking for a hardwood sofa bed that could easily double as both a main sofa and spare bed for when guests come to stay, look no further than our Panama and Cuba designs.

If your available space is limited, but you require a robust and comfortable sofa-bed, the Panama, which pulls down and out from the front is the perfect space saving solution. If space is not an issue, the Cuba may be for you. The Cuba sofa bed has supportive sprung slats ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. This design only requires the futon to be folded in half in the sofa position, rather than the trifold design of the Tokyo, Fiji and Panama – a 7 layer futon is provided with the Cuba. Click here to find out more about our futon mattresses.

If you are interested in adding a loose cover to your order please see the loose covers product page. We are adding the option of a sophisticated wool loose cover, perfect for our Panama or Cuba sofa beds very soon. Take a look at our blog covering our new range of wool loose covers, throws and pillows.

NB: From 2018 – We no longer make the Fiji and Tokyo futon bases – however we do still supply the panama and Cuba suton sofa beds. These modes are batch produced for us by the small family company that make our Black Lotus collection. They are available in oak and walnut. The futon mattresses they are supplied with are still made at our Sheffield workshops.

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