A new year is upon us! It’s the perfect time to grab those interior design mags, get looking for inspiration and start decorating. After all, once the Christmas decorations have come down, it leaves the perfect blank slate for a new look. Join us as we take a look at the predicted trends for 2012…

Interior Design Trends for 2012

At Natural Bed Company we are being inundated with invitations to trade fairs, suggestions for new products and advice on this years trends. As always, there are a multitude of new and exciting style to peruse, all with their own unique traits and flavours.

In particular, we are in love two of this seasons brand new looks; Eco-hedonism and Hyper-culture. We not only feel that these fit perfectly with our brand and stance as a company, but the styles really resonate with us too! Read on to find out more.


“Timelessness expressed in rough-hewn stone, solid wood, hand-wrought metals, minerals and natural fibres.”

Eco-hedonism is categorised by ‘luxury, eco-friendly products’, and places high value on quality and natural status. Quality and sustainability are attributes we strive for at Natural Bed Co., and this is a trend we can definitely get behind.

For example, our classic solid wooden beds fit this category perfectly. Simple, classic styles created using high quality production methods. As such, your bed will last for many years to come. See our Nevada, Sahara, Malabar and Tibet beds for examples of this.

Investment interiors are the eco-friendly solution. By indulging in a bed you can treasure for years, you can help result creating in less waste, and earn years of satisfaction. Eco-hedonism is a trend we are more than happy to promote. Especially if it means an end to a ‘throw-away’ culture. We look to embrace beautiful, well-made products with strong social and ecological credentials.


“Born of our shared exposure to a multiplicity of cultures, this new look embraces all walks of life.”

A mix of eastern and western influences, Hyper-culture incorporates the new and old, the retro and high-tech. As a result, its influence has shaped many of our bed designs. Our Mandalay, Samarkand and Rajasthan beds are perfect examples. These classic beds are handmade by our craftsmen in Sheffield, but reference traditional Indian styling.

Our range of modern beds, again made by our woodworkers here in Sheffield, are also designed to suggest an exotic heritage. These include the Togo, Kyoto and Kumo beds – they perfectly fit the ‘Hyperculture’ trend!

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