You’ve selected your ideal solid wood bed – perfect for relaxing in on lazy mornings! Now you just need somewhere to put your mug of tea, hold your bedside lamp or store your bedtime reading. It’s time to search for the perfect bedside table for your bed.

Bedside Tables To Complement Our Ultra-low Beds

At Natural Bed Company we offer a selection of ultra-low beds. These include the Oregon or Ki Platform Beds, the Nevada & Sonora Beds and the Kobe & Kumo Japanese Style Beds. We have heard from our customers that really low bedside tables are hard to find. Hence, we now have a range of low level tables perfect to suit this collection of very low beds.

Firstly decide if you are looking for a side table that is a similar height to the height of your mattress. This is the most common option, but some do prefer it to match the approximate level of the bed’s side rails. These sit under your mattress, so mean that the bedside tables would be lower than the mattress. As you can see from the images above – the low Cube Table (height 33cm) is a similar height to the top of the mattress placed on our Nevada or Sonora beds. Whereas the Nevada Table was designed to sit at the same height as the Nevada bed side-rails (just under 20cm). The Oregon Bedside Table (height 17cm) also matches the height of the side frame of the Oregon Bed.

Differing Heights

Decide which look you prefer. If you prefer for the tables to sit more level with the height of your mattress, there is an easy way to calculate the approximate height. Simply add the height from the floor to the top of the side rails on your chosen bed, to the depth of the mattress you are purchasing to find the approx. table height you are looking for.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the Frame side table which is a taller height at 48cm. However, thanks to its shape, it looks great used with our ultra-low Ki and Kobe beds, as it is designed to sit over the bed. The Madra (height 27cm) is another good choice for the low Ki, Koo, Kobe or Kumo beds. Its simple geometric shape and elegant proportions suit beds with a ‘Japanese’ look.

Bedside Tables for a Medium-Low Bed

We make two Kyoto tables – one with a shelf, the other with a handy drawer – to complement our Kyoto bed. The Kyoto is our most popular medium-low bed. The top of the side rails are approximately 28cm from the ground (add your mattress depth to this to calculate the approximate height of your bed set up). The Kyoto tables are 36cm in height. A mid-point between the average top of the side rails and the top of the mattress. The images below show a pair of Kyoto side tables; giving this Japanese style bedroom a contemporary twist.

Other mid-low height tables available include the Sahara (made by us) and the Thin side table (made by Ethnicraft). The Thin table has a solid oak top and stainless steel base. The Sahara table is shown above in beech with a solid white painted finish. It is designed to match the top of the side rails of the Sahara bed – just over 30cm in height. The Thin side table is a little bit taller at 35cm. The Thin table is shown above with our ultra-low Ki bed. Here, it sits along side the top of the mattress, but the Thin can be used with any of our low-medium height beds.

Perfect for a medium height bed:

If  you are looking for a bedside table to suit our slightly taller, medium height beds take a look at the mid height ‘Original Cube’ table. This version of the Cube bedside table is 50cm in height. It looks great with our Malabar, Sahara, Tibet, Shetland and Zanskar beds. Along with the Natural Bed Company Cube collection, Ethnicraft also make a range of tables called ‘Cube’. These tables (height 45cm) are open units and com in three options; square, rectangle and long rectangle. These simple, modern tables work with any of our medium height contemporary beds. If you like the Ethnicraft style you may also want to take a look at the Naomi Kubus table. At 42cm in height, it also has a handy section for storing books or magazines.

The Tibet has it’s own matching bedside table. With chunky solid wood legs, the Tibet table is 40cm. It is just slightly taller than the top of the side rails on a Tibet bed (38cm). The Cochin is another bed with a matching bedside table. The Cochin table is 46cm in height and has elegant tapered legs.

Have a tall bed? Take a look at these bedside tables:

Our taller, classic beds have not been forgotten either. We have a number of taller bedside tables to suit our classic four-posters. These are designed for the Oasis, Raj or Orchid beds, or to suit our slightly taller Zanskar and Shetland beds. Again there is a Cube table to suit! This time, the Tall Cube table. At 60cm in height, it is more fitting for these taller beds.

Looking for a more traditional, Shaker-style bedside table? Take a look at our Seville or Bilbao bedside tables. These tall bedside tables are both 52cm in height. Where one has a shelf, the other has a narrow drawer. Both have chunky wooden legs and a classic look.

We hope our collection of bedside tables will have the perfect bedside storage solution for you! However, if you do find that you need something slightly shorter, taller, wider etc – please get in touch. We are often able to adjust our own designs to suit your needs.

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