The interior design trends we expect to see in 2013 and how to incorporate them in your home

Here we are again! Looking forward to a brand new year and all that it will bring! There is already a lot of speculation (and preparation for) the interior design trends for 2013. We’re glad to say that our exclusive beds, bedding and Indian imports already fit perfectly with a number of these styles. Read on to find out about our predictions for the New Year.

Trend 1: Into the woods

This first trend is described by as “simple, raw wooden surfaces”, which feature heavily in many of the latest design collections. “Think oak, beech and birch – pale, clean woods with no visible varnish, paint or embellishment.” This suggests creating a forest feel in your home, with woodland accessories, leaf motifs and chunky, rustic furniture.

Try our Ocean bed for a chunky, bold design that revels in the wonders of solid wood! We offer this bed in a range of timbers from pale Ash to deep chocolatey coloured Walnut. Or, take a look at our Tibet bed. This design is another chunky bed, but with a simple, pared-down style. The bed has been photographed recently at a location in Sheffield’s Ecclesall woods, the stunning woodland backdrop works perfectly with this design. Cleary, this trend was already in the air.

Earthly Delights

“Natural materials, wood, plants and indoor gardens bring the promise of ever more original designs to breathe new life and oxygen into our living spaces. The aim? A melting pot of materials and lines.”

House Beautiful and Gautier also discuss this new trend, naming it ‘Earthly Delights.’ We love this terminology here at Natural Bed Co., and it’s symbolism has always been part of our ethos. The beauty of natural timber has always been an inspiration for us, as well as an important element in our design process. The beauty and simplicity of the Orchid four-poster bed is a fine example.

At, they discuss pairing these ideas with botanical and insect prints. In particular, they predict that this trend will continue to flourish in popularity, as an easy way to bring the outside in.

You can introduce the “harmony with nature” theme this way with our exclusive ‘botanical’ print bedding; Wysteria, Manali, Black Floral and Springtime. Finally, this trend is completed with a move towards natural materials in home accessories too, including bamboo, shell, marble, timber and stone. Take a look at our sister site Bringing It All Back Home for options including bold timber frames and stone sculptures.

Trend 2: Brass accents

To compliment the nature/woodland theme, this trend brings a highlight of brass accessories. Brass offers warmth and opulence to the earthy palette of natural timber, stone, ochre and olive colours.

UKTV and House Beautiful have both suggested this as a major new trend. For instance, just take a look at the latest John Lewis catalogue! Whether it’s with a stunning lamp base, a piece of ethnic art or metallic fabrics incorporated into home furnishings, brass can add a little luxury to your home.

Trend 3: Tribal Look

Along with the above, the Tribal look is another trend expected to be strong in 2013. suggest “the Tribal look has evolved into a more relaxed Bohemian style. It is especially strong in fashion, drapes and bedding”.

They recommend looking out for designs which incorporate hand printed block designs. These are easy to use and can transition into many decorating styles. Take a look at our stunning Icat, Kalamkari and Hyderabad bedding for lovely examples of this look.

Also, Four Your Home suggest that “when playing (the tribal look) off a neutral décor, this style gives you a great opportunity to splash colour into the room.” Take a look at our collection of wall-hangings and prayer flags at for a way to add a tribal influence to a neutral interior.

For real impact, see our collection of India inspired beds. The Mandalay, Samarkand and Rajasthan beds offer an exotic take on classic bed styles. They work perfectly with tribal patterned bedding to complete the look.

Trend 4: Neutrals

Neutrals are always a popular choice. Whether as a backdrop for a splash of colour or as an entire palette. Cream, grey, taupe, stone and ivory tones offer a calm, restful environment. Our Ethiopia Grey, Village duvet sets and organic bedding work perfectly with this look.

Also, if you’re looking to being this trend into the bedroom, you could add a headboard in a neutral tone. Our Koo bed is photographed with a grey headboard and oak frame.

Neutrals with a hit of colour in the main motif create great impact. Edging neutrals with bands of colour or colourful linings help keep the pallet neutral, but add interest. Take a look at our Bronte throws for both purely neutral coloured blankets or throws and cushions that mix brights with a simple grey background.

Whichever trend works for you, I hope you’ll find further inspiration here at Natural Bed Company.

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