Do you have a compact guest bedroom or a bedroom in a loft space? Are you looking for small bedroom ideas? This blog is about maximising a sense-of-space by cleverly using the room you have.

Featuring our NEW bed design – the ultra low Ki wooden bed – this blog is about using cleverly proportioned bedroom furniture. This, coupled with a well coordinated colour palette, helps give a small bedroom or low ceiling loft space the ‘wow’ factor.

Loft Bedrooms with Low Ceilings

Choosing a low bed, like the Ki, can really help give a loft room the feeling of greater height. The bed no longer feels like a barrier, taking up greater space in the room than needed. Low beds particularly suit two styles that are perfect for loft spaces. A modern New York loft style, and minimal Japanese style interior design.

How do you create a contemporary urban loft look? Happily, it’s easy to achieve and maintain. Our recommendations are;

A low modern bed (try the Ki, Koo or Kulu models)

  • Simple bedding (a cool white cotton duvet set or luxurious linen bedding)
  • Limited accessories and bold wall art (a framed movie poster, or a group of black and white photos are low cost options)
  • If you are lucky enough to have a bare brick wall – even better!

The minimalist Japanese look also emphasises the space available. Simple bedding, no clutter and a low solid wood bed (like the Kyoto, Kumo or Kobe beds) are all you need. Paper lanterns and a limited colour palette complete the look. White walls and bedding, with a cherry or wenge lacquered pine bed is a classic take. Add a feature wall in deep red or black for a dramatic finish.

Take a look at our loft style and Japanese style bedrooms pinterest boards for ideas.

Small Bedrooms

We recommend choosing a bed with a really compact foot-print for a small guest room. Many of our beds are available without a headboard and are the same width and length as the mattress, for example Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds. In these models, a kingsize bed is 150x20cm – exactly the same as a king-size mattress. This way, you aren’t taking up unnecessary floor space with the bed frame.

The Nevada, Sahara and Malabar beds are also popular for this reason. They too have a compact footprint and can be ordered without a headboard if you want to keep length and height to an absolute minimum. The Sahara and Malabar beds are tall enough to accommodate large under-bed drawers. In a small room, you need to make the most of any available storage space. Under-bed drawers are a great solution. They don’t take up additional floor space and can be ordered with panels to match the wood of the bed.

Style-wise; a neutral, coordinated colour palette will give the sense of a larger airy space. Keep details simple and pared down. For example, choose classic roman blinds over curtains, and a classic wooden bed over a heavily padded upholstered bed. Simple shapes and clean lines are the key.

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