Ash is a popular choice for our beds and bedside tables, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to look at our exclusive range of solid ash bedroom furniture. We’ll also let you know which beds are most popular in this timber and the bedroom styles they suit.

About our Ash Wood

We make our beds from American ash which is slightly paler than English ash. American ash has a bold, vibrant grain with a strong figure. Ash is a light colour timber with a cream cast and usually has a deeper, golden figure in the grain. Occasionally some small darker areas of grain can also occur. Over time the tone will increase in warmth and depth. As with any wood, there are variations in grain and tone, it’s part of the charm of a natural product. To preserve the lighter colour, which is part of the beauty of newly planed ash, we use a water based finish for the lacquer.

ash wooden bed timber

About our Ash Beds

All our beds are available to order in solid ash, but we find the most popular ash beds are the Ki, Kulu and Sahara beds…

The Ki is a low loft-style bed without a headboard panel, so it’s perfect for an attic space (the Ki is so low you can place it under the eaves) or minimalist look bedroom. In the images above we can see both bedroom styles. A cosy, rustic look attic space complements the bold figure of ash wood – it has a wonderfully archetypal wood grain. The simplicity of the Ki bed design allows the timber to shine. For a rustic look we’ve added a Madra bedside unit in pale solid oak – the chunky design and occasional knot in the timber suits this look to perfection.

Minimal, modern and unfussy, this solid ash bed is also perfect for a pared-back, minimalist bedroom. The Ki looks beautiful with simple bedding and a limited colour palette – you can see it above in quite a stark space (pale grey walls, plain white floor) and and it looks stunning. In the first image above we’ve paired the Ki with our low Oregon table – this is our most minimalist bedside table design and a great height to sit with the Ki.

The Kulu bed is a modern platform bed with bold, almost sculptural, wide rectangular boards at the foot and head of the bed. These make the perfect showcase for a vibrant timber grain and possibly explains why this bed is so popular in solid ash wood!

The Kulu, like the Ki, is a simple, modern design which suits a Japanese style bedroom. It is available to order with fixed side tables – small platforms designed to hold a your morning cup of tea and a book, or alarm clock. These side tables emphasis the wide, low look of the bed and the geometric design.

As you can see from the images above the Kulu suits a wide range of bedroom styles. From Japanese minimalism to cosy Scandinavian chic, or even a softer, more romantic style.

The Sahara bed is a simple, contemporary design – part of the Nevada collection of beds (including the the Nevada, Sahara, Malabar and Tibet beds). Our Sahara bed is a design that looks good in every timber, however solid ash give this design a more rustic, cosy appearance. We’ve used our Cube bedside tables and industrial look, angle poise lamps with the Sahara in the images above – keeping the look contemporary, and not too ‘country cottage’.

To complete the look we would suggest dressing the bed with a soft cotton or linen duvet cover and a couple of cosy woollen throws. A classic check or herringbone throw in alpaca or lambswool, draped over the end of an ash Sahara bed, adds a luxurious touch while keeping with the cosy, rustic style.