The Camden bed was only introduced last March, but it has already become one of our best sellers. In September we added the Pimlico, a variation on the Camden with shorter legs and a smaller headboard. Now, sticking with the London theme, we’re launching the Carnaby bed, a mixture of these two beds taking the headboard from the Camden and the mattress height borrowed from the Pimlico, to create another understated and stylish design variation.

The Carnaby keeps the classic mid-century style of the first two beds in the range, retaining the shaped posts that taper from the headboard legs, and the curved edges to the side and footboard rails.

Measuring 82cm to the top of the headboard legs, the Carnaby falls in between the Camden and Pimlico in overall height, with the former reaching 94cm and the latter 69cm.

Please see the full list of dimensions for the Carnaby below:

overall length: 208cm for a 200cm long mattress; 198cm for a 190cm long mattress.
overall width: 6cm wider than nominal size, e.g. a Carnaby bed that accommodates a 150x200cm mattress is 156cm wide
height to top of side rail: 24cm
height to top of the slats: 22cm
under-bed clearance: 14.5cm
height to top of headboard: 80cm
height to the top of the headboard legs: 82cm

With a low clearance underneath the base it is not possible to add under-bed drawers to this design but we do have a number of bedside tables available that match up well with the style and dimensions of the Carnaby.

We currently have the bed on display in our showroom with the Ethnicraft Whitebird table, a stylish, modern bedside that mixes a rectangular drawer unit with a black lacquered metal frame. The squared finish of the drawer box contrasts nicely with the curves of the bed and the thin leg sections do not draw the eye away from the beautiful timber of the bed base. The Whitebird table is 50cm tall, so works well with the height of the Carnaby – the bed measures 22cm from the floor to the top of the bed slats. With a mattress 20-25cm in height you would find that the table would be almost level with the mattress. We also show the Carnaby with the Ligna bedside cupboard – Height 50cm x Width 45cm x Depth 40cm – these Ethnicraft nightstands are the last pair available (Ethnicraft has discontinued them), so if you love them as much as we do, order them fast!

Alternatively, if you were looking for something lower, our Low Cube Table (33cm tall), the Black Lotus Low Bedside Drawer Unit (35cm tall) or the Ethnicraft Madra Table (27cm tall) would each pair nicely with the Carnaby. Please note that the Ethnicraft furniture mentioned above is only on offer in oak and the Black Lotus items are only available in oak and walnut.

As with the Pimlico and Camden, the Carnaby is available in any of the hard-wood timbers we offer (ash, beech, cherry, maple, oak and walnut) but cannot be ordered in pine. The curved edges on the side rail and the tapered posts would not work structurally with Pine, a soft-wood.

When looking for a mattress to use with your Carnaby bed I would advise you to choose one with a depth of 25cm or under. Even though the Carnaby has a tall headboard panel, there is a danger that too tall a mattress will mean that the beautiful headboard becomes obscured behind duvets and pillows once the bed is dressed.

We have found that the Camden and Pimlico beds have sold particularly well in oak, cherry and walnut and I would expect this trend to continue with the Carnaby. The strong grain in each of these timbers works so well with this design, both on the large panels in the headboard and on the smaller sections where the side rails join the head and footboard ends of the bed. The different directions of the wood grain in each piece creates an eye-catching detail.

If you would like to see the beautiful timbers we offer but cannot make it to our Sheffield showroom, we can post out samples of each wood. Simply fill out the Timber Sample Request form on our website and we will send them out first class for you.