As the evenings get warmer and a little muggy, there is nothing more appealing than fresh, crisp white bedding. Cool cotton or linen sheets will help you drift off for a restful and refreshing nights sleep.
It has been shown that a cooler bedroom (created with the use of a fan, or simply by opening your windows for an hour or so before bed-time) and fresh, light bedding can help you achieve a deeper sleep. With this in mind we thought we’d take a look at our range of light-weight, breathable duvets and mattress protectors, and our fresh white bedding and bedspreads.

Fresh White Bedding

White bedding just looks like it should be cooler! It is bright and refreshing and perfect for a summer bedroom. We recommend crisp white cotton or soft white linen bedding to get you through those warm, muggy nights.
Good quality cotton bedding is soft to the skin and helps you regulate your temperature throughout the night. As well as keeping you cool in the summer, cotton bedding will also keep you warm throughout the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation or itchiness, which again improves the quality of your sleep.

Linen bedding also has natural heat-regulating qualities which makes it feel pleasantly cool on a hot day and warm in cooler weather. Linen fibres are both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. These properties make linen a great choice for the summer when sticky, summer weather can leave you feeling uncomfortable and restless at night.


We recommend layering your bedding – a flat sheet, followed by a lightweight, breathable duvet and duvet cover, with a throw or bedspread over the top. This way you can remove as many layers as you like when the weather turns hot, but have those extra layers for those unavoidable, occassional cold summer nights. There is nothing better than sleeping just under a cool linen or cotton flat sheet on a hot evening – take a look at our collection of white linen bedding and our 600 thread count white cotton bedding – they are ideal for the summer.
Looking for a duvet cover? we have a wide range of white duvet covers available – I particularly love the Ruffle cotton bedding and our white cotton textured duvets sets in three different designs.

Light, White Bedspreads

Our light weight, white bedspreads can be used instead of the duvet when it’s warm or with your duvet on cool nights. We have a wide range of options available – from fine, lightly textured bedspreads (such as the pure cotton Stockholm bedspread) to heavier, softly quilted or embroidered options.

For a contemporary look we love the Stockholm and Diamond Textured bedspreads. For a more classic look try the Porto (shown on our Highland 4 poster above) and the Vintage Embroidered White Bedspread. The Quilted Bedspread in white is a softer, sumptuous choice.

Light-Weight Duvets

We have a wide range of light-weight, low tog duvets available – all perfect for the summer months (with the addition of a bedspread they may see you through the rest of the year too!). The latest additon to our range is the Oraganic Cotton & Kapok filled duvet – it has a tog rating of approximately 8-9 tog. This duvet is 50% organic cotton fibres and 50% kapok, kapok is a hollow fibre with a great warmth retention capacity. It is also naturally disliked by dust mites. This duvet is a fluffy and silky feeling duvet similar in its feel to feather filled.

The new Botanic duvet is a very light-weight, vegan duvet. This duvet is made entirely from an ethical, plant based raw material. It is soft and luxurious, with heat regulating properties and it is also sustainable and biodegradable. The Botanic duvet is 400gsm in weight, equivalent to a 4-6 tog.

We also have a wool filled duvet in a light, summer weight (along with an Autumn weight version) – it is a 4-7 tog equivalent. These duvets are light and soft, made from pure wool with a high thread count, soft cotton case. The wool is not bleached or chemically treated and dust mites do not like the natural untreated wool used to fill these duvets.

If you prefer feather and down filled duvets we also have a wide range if options available including luxurious Hungarian or Canadian Goose Down filled duvets in 4.5 or 6 tog. Duck down in another great quality option and it is possible to order this duvet in a 4.5 tog.

Keeping Your Mattress and Pillows Fresh

On hot, muggy nights it’s can be unavoidable that you’ll end up feeling a little warm and sticky at some point. However you can still keep your mattress and pillows fresh with the use of a mattress protector and pillow protectors. This will extend the life of your pillows and mattresses and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.

We have a range of mattress protectos – including pure cotton mattress protectors and organic cotton mattress protectors and covers. We also have a zip close mattress case that fully encloses your mattress and has a waterproof lining. It is made using pure cotton pile, terry towelling – with a breathable, waterproof PU underside. This protector allows you to protect your mattress against liquid spills, dust mites and the build up of bacteria.

For more inspiring images and ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards: Summer Bedrooms and White Bedrooms.