Here at Natural Bed Company, we offer a varied range of designs. As you will see from looking through our collection of beds, some of them do have similarities to one another! In this blog, I will take you through our two popular contemporary bed collections, addressing their similarities and differences…

Kyoto Collection

The Kyoto collection keeps the same overall look in each design, with the key differences being the height/sizing of the frames. Each of these beds is available both with and without a headboard, excluding the Day Bed.

  • The tallest in this range is the Kyoto itself. Its height to the top of the slats is 26cm (62cm to the top of headboard).
  • The Kumo is the second bed in this collection, standing 5cm shorter than the Kyoto (21cm to the slats, 57cm to the top of the headboard.
  • The Kobe is the shortest in the collection. It is 7cm shorter than the Kumo and 12cm shorter than the Kyoto. It stands at 14cm to the top of the slats and 50cm to the top of the headboard.
  • Finally, we have the Kyoto Day Bed. Unlike the above beds, which are available as standard in different sizes, the Day Bed is made to a set dimension, fitting a small, long single mattress. The mattress is supplied with this design. Its height to the top of the slats is the same as the Kyoto, and it is not available with a headboard as standard.

Nevada Design Collection

The Nevada designs are notable for their flat headboard panels and simple, chunky legs. Please note, many of our beds have ‘Nevada-style’ fittings, but are part of different collections. They simply fit together in the same way as the beds below.

  • The Nevada is one of the lowest in this collection, at a height of 18.5cm to the top of the slats, and just 50cm to the top of the headboard. Its unique feature is the minimal headboard, making it an ideal bed for low spaces.
  • If you prefer a larger headboard, take a look at the Sonora. Its dimensions are the same as the Nevada, aside from the headboard panel, which is 20cm taller. If you are interested in having an upholstered bed in the same dimensions, see the Iona. Its headboard is approximately 4cm taller than the Sonora’s.
  • The Malabar is a mid-height bed base with a large headboard panel. Its base height (floor to the top of the side rails) is 31cm. If you are interested in having an upholstered bed made to similar dimensions, check out the Arran, which has an extra 11cm of headboard panel.
  • The Sahara has the same base dimensions as the Malabar and Arran, with the key difference being its minimal headboard. Its overall height is 78.5cm. Its small headboard is approx. 14cm smaller than the Malabar’s.
  • The Tibet is 8cm taller than the Sahara and Malabar to the top of the side rails. However, its headboard is approx. 5cm shorter than the Malabar’s panel. It also has slightly chunkier legs and side rails than the aforementioned beds.
  • The Bamford and Hathersage have the exact same base dimensions as the Tibet, along with the same chunky proportions. Their distinguishing features are the headboards, with the Bamford’s being plain and the Hathersage’s having a chevron design. Their panels are approx. 19cm taller than the Tibet’s own. If you are interested in having an upholstered bed with similar dimensions, check out the Skye. Its panel is approx. 15cm taller than the Bamford/Hathersage panels.
We hope you found this blog on some of our most popular contemporary bed collections helpful. You can see our full range of contemporary bed bases here on our website. For more interior design inspiration, check out our Pinterest.
Please note: all measurements are subject to a 2cm manufacturers tolerance as is standard for this industry.
If you have any questions that you cannot find answered here, please contact us.