Something we hear from customers time and time again is “We don’t have have a big space…”, “It’s a tight fit” or “Our Bedroom is too small for…”, sound familiar? At Natural Bed Company, there are more options than you […]

Something we hear from customers time and time again is “We don’t have have a big space…”, “It’s a tight fit” or “Our Bedroom is too small for…”, sound familiar? At Natural Bed Company, there are more options than you would think and a lot of the time you don’t have to settle for less! These days, space is a premium and whether you’re renting a one bed flat in a city centre or simply want to make the most of your Kid’s/Spare room, here are a few tips that can help save a few centimetres here and there – they all add up!

Hand Made to Order Furniture

One of the aspects of Natural Bed Company that we love to shout about is the fact that every single bed base is hand made to order by a skilled local craftsman in our Sheffield workshop. Not only are you guaranteed quality whilst supporting a traditional skill in the UK, but it gives us the opportunity to tweak your bed design to your needs! Need a bigger bed for you and your partner, but can’t fit anything longer than a double? Simple, have you ever considered a bed that is standard King Size width (150cm – plenty of space for two!) but with a standard double length (190cm). This means that you can get the luxury space that you require without sacrificing the length space that you don’t need! The opposite is also possible, if you are quite tall but can’t fit anything wider than a double in your space, you can simply request a bed that is 135x200cm! Many of our mattresses are available to order in custom sizes, you would just need to keep this in mind in the future when it comes time to replace it.

Where space is an issue we recommend looking at our beds where the mattress sits in top of the frame (instead of inside the frame) meaning that the actual width is the same as the nominal width e.g. a king-size (150cm wide) bed is only 150cm in width. These beds include the Nevada Collection (Nevada, Sonora, Malabar, Sahara and Tibet beds), Kumo Collection (Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe beds) and many of our upholstered beds – the Iona, Arran and Skye. If space is really tight, you can also order these beds without a headboard, so the base is no larger than the mattress in either width or length.

The possibilities are truly endless. Interested in hearing more? Get in touch via phone, email or pop into the showroom and we would be happy to discuss any ideas!

Make the most of your Bedside Tables

Like I mentioned above, as we also make our Cube Modern Bedside Tables to order, if space is tight, they can be made slimmer. You just need enough room for your phone, book and a glass of water anyway!

It can also be a good idea to use a larger item of furniture as your bedside table, take a look at our Black Lotus 3 Drawer Chests – they make great tall bedside tables and double up as clothes storage so you don’t need to take up vital space in another spot in your bedroom. Win-Win!

My favourite bedside table option for those with limited space is the Bedside Shelf Lamp. It doesn’t take up any floor space as its mounted on the wall, it has plenty of space for anything you need to keep close by and the magnetic lamp can even be positioned underneath the shelf to make the most of the shelf.

Minimalism/Clever Storage

The obvious method to make a small room feel larger – paint it a light shade and keep clutter to a minimum. This is often easier said than done, everyone has things they want to tidy away but don’t always have the right kind of storage. The space underneath people’s beds is often either wasted or visible and untidy, the easiest way to conquer this is with stylish under-bed drawers. Most of our bed designs are suitable for use with our under-bed drawers, they fit perfectly and glide out smoothly on free-rolling casters (no rails to get stuck on!). Handmade to order along side your bed base so we can ensure the timber matches as perfectly as possible with a natural material.

The Cube style of the Black Lotus range is so modern and sleek that they fit right in with the minimalist style, they even have a handy shelf across the bottom to tidy away prettier items like extra blankets or (if you’re like me) your stock pile of candles!

Embrace a cosy feel

This is probably the easiest method to make the most of a small bedroom and its also instantly rewarding. Paint the wall behind the bed a new trendy dark colour (Dark Green, Charcoal and Burgundy are all over my Pinterest boards!) and cover the bed in thick quilts, snuggly throws and comfy cushions. The only other item you may need to make space for is a telly, and if you can’t fit that then bring your laptop/tablet to bed with you. Now light some candles and settle in for the night!

It’s really important that your bedroom is, above all else, comfortable! Whatever you decide to do with your space, make sure its right for you. If you’re not comfortable there, how are you supposed to get a good nights sleep?!

If you have any questions about our Beds, Bedroom Furniture or accessories, please do not hesitate to get in touch – email, call or drop by our city centre showroom! You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Let us help you make your bedroom perfect!

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