How to select the perfect attic bed, furniture and accessories for an attic bedroom?

Do you have an attic space ripe for renovation? A loft space can make a glamorous and individual extra bedroom and hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the space you have available…

Things to consider when designing your attic bedroom:

1. Access – we strongly recommend that, where possible,  you ensure that your furniture is self-assembly. Often staircases up to the attic are narrow with tight turns. It’s important to make sure that you carefully measure the furniture on order – ask for the dimensions both packed for transport and built. Where you have a steeply sloping ceiling ensure that you have the height (both for when the furniture is in place, but also for moving it into position)

2. Choosing attic beds – what to consider:

Scandinavian style slate linen bedding on our pale ash low wooden Sonora bed

Room height – if you have a low ceiling it makes sense to choose a low bed that will appear in proportion to your attic. Choosing a low bed will increase the sense of space in the room and the actual space above your bed! Choosing low bedroom furniture is also a good idea – keep everything in proportion and you will achieve a coherent, sophisticated loft. Take a look at the Nevada bed and the Sonora bed, both have low legs and a small footprint. The Ki is another low bed with a modern simple design, this design doesn’t even include a headboard panel for the ultimate low level look.

Modern low platform-style solid wood bed The Oregon, in rich luxurious Walnut wood

If you have a low, or steeply sloping, ceiling but a large floor area – add glamour to your loft by selecting a low bed with a wide profile. The wide frame will give your attic bedroom a feeling of luxury. The Oregon platform bed (see above), Kulu or Koo beds are ideal for this. The Oregon with matching bedside tables is a great statement bed for a master attic bedroom.

Room size – if space is tight, it makes sense to pick a bed design with a compact footprint. A number of our beds can be made without a headboard and have the same footprint as the mattress – as mentioned the Ki bed fits this type, also take a look at our Kyoto and Kumo beds. The simple shapes of these bed styles also ensures that your bedroom will look uncluttered and contemporary – this is particularly important in an attic bedroom where space for storage is at a premium, therefore keeping the space looking minimalist is a real challenge!

Japanese style solid wood Kyoto low loft Bed in Oak and with organic bedding.

3. Choosing furniture for your attic bedroom – you may need to be rather inventive in order to make use of every bit of space available in your attic! Built in wardrobes made to fit the slope of your ceiling can be a rewarding investment.  If you are looking for low level storage – take a look at our under-bed drawers (you may need a slightly taller bed to accommodate these, but choosing a Sahara or Kyoto bed is a good compromise: low-mid level beds which allow maximum storage space.) Another subtle way to add more storage is to order bedside tables with drawers: try our Black Lotus bedside drawers, Cube bedside tables or the Kyoto drawer table.

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