“Do I need a headboard?”

One of the main points for confusion and lets be honest, argument, when buying a Natural Bed Company bed is whether to opt for a model with a headboard. This is especially true when selecting a beds in our Japanese range, such as the Kumo and Kyoto. There are several factors to consider before making a decision,  you’ll find them detailed below….

The Kumo a low wooden Japanese style bed

“Do I have the space?”

Our Kyoto base is a popular choice for customers who have limited floor space and those who have height restrictions to consider (e.g. the bed is to be positioned under the sloping roof in an attic). If you were to choose the Kyoto without a headboard, the footprint of the bed would be exactly the same as the mattress size. This is due to the mattress sitting on the frame of the base rather than within it, saving much needed space. The Kyoto headboard adds 4cm to the overall length of the bed (increasing it from 2.00m to 2.04m). I understand this may not sound like much, but in rooms where space is at a premium it can make a big difference.

Japanese style Kyoto Bed without headboard. Hand made in UK from solid wood.
kyoto without headboard

Making the bed the focal point of the room

We understand that buying a new bed is a big investment and especially if you choose one of our hardwoods, you may wish to show off the grain or the beautiful colour of the solid timber as much as possible. The addition of the headboard makes this possible, creating a focal point for the room, with the tone of the wood informing other design and colour choices.

However, if you are looking to create a minimalist space, with a limited colour palate, the simple no-headboard Kyoto, Kumo or Kobe may be the perfect choice. A popular finish to complement this look is the Wenge stained Pine, a dark, almost black stain, striking when contrasted with a white colour scheme.

Malabar contemporary wooden bed - handmade in Sheffield

Non-standard options

Although not listed on the website, the majority of the beds in our range can be made without a headboard (one of the many advantages of making every bed to order!). Beds such as the Tibet, Malabar, Cochin and Sahara can be manufactured in this way, so if you wanted a more classic design, but could not accommodate the height of the headboard, just get in touch and we can quote a price.

Industrial look bedroom featuring our Classic wooden Zanskar bed, here in Walnut

Further Considerations

If you enjoy reading a couple of chapters of a good book before bed, a headboard may be essential. The sloping headboard of our Zanskar bed offers a comfortable reading position and would be an ideal choice.

You may worry about the stability of the mattress on a base without a headboard such as the Kyoto, but the non-slip matting supplied with every bed means this is not an issue. Placed on top of the slats, the matting ensures that the mattress stays perfectly in place.

As ever, if any of your questions have not been answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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