Our customers often ask to see platform beds, but we have noticed they can have very different styles and requirements in mind when they make the request! So we thought we’d address the basic question – “what is a platform bed?”

We offer a range a beds that we would call a platform bed. However they tend to fall in to two camps – low, Japanese style ‘floating beds’ and low, loft-style beds (these are wide and low level). The uniting design feature is that they are different from our core range which have 4 legs, one at each corner such as the Sahara, Malabar and Nevada beds (see the image of the Sahara bed below).

Scandinavian chic bedroom with solid walnut low wooden Sahara bed

Our Japanese Style ‘Floating’ Beds

They are often called ‘floating’ beds as the recessed foot panel is hidden under the sleeping platform (sometimes called the bed slat base). This range incorporates the Kobe, Kumo and Kyoto beds – all Oriental looking beds.

These beds offer a sophisticated simplicity, a small footprint, and the option to have any of these beds with or without a headboard panel. They are perfect for attic spaces where the ceiling height may be an issue, a smaller bedroom (when you need a small footprint) or when you are looking for the centrepiece for a Japanese style room. If you want to create an oriental look bedroom and would like some helpful hints take a look at our blog – Tips for creating a Japanese Style Bedroom and see our Pinterest board Japanese Bedrooms.

Our Loft Beds

These platform beds (sometimes also called cabin beds, or attic beds) are low beds, but may have a much larger footprint. These striking beds are perfect for master bedrooms with a low or sloping ceiling as they have presence, and look luxurious without the use of a tall frame and headboard.
This range includes the Koo, Kulu, Ki and Oregon beds.

The Oregon bed (shown above) is a stunning low bed with a deep frame and low, wide side tables to match. The Oregon has a sloping headboard – perfect for piling up pillows against and sitting back to read. Ideally this bed is best suited to large master bedrooms.

The Kulu, Koo and Ki beds are similar to each other in design. The Kulu (above) is the original, the Koo (main image) is similar but with a painted headboard. These beds can be fitted into a smaller bedroom size, but still have a lot of impact as the width of the headboard is generous. The Ki is without a headboard or attached side tables, it is a very simple, modern style of platform bed.

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