With summer just around the corner, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries from customers looking to update the beds in their holiday lets and holiday homes. As these homes tend to be used by varied numbers of guests requiring differing numbers of beds, I find that I most often recommend our range of sofa-beds and suggest twin beds to solve issues that arise when trying to accommodate as many people as comfortably as possible.

Our Panama and Cuba are the most popular sofa bed options here, with both blending in well in a living room setting, especially with our hardwood timbers, paired with a wool loose cover. If space is an issue the Panama can be a bit of a space saver as the bed pulls down from the front of the frame, meaning that the width of the base is all that needs to be accommodated when positioned as a sofa. The Panama is available in oak and walnut in both three-quarter (120x200cm) and double (135x200cm) sizes and is shipped with our 7 layer futon as standard.

The Cuba is available to order as a double, with the base only requiring the futon to be folded in half and the user sleeping width-ways, rather than utilising the tri-fold option as on the Panama. Adding on the width of the arms, you will need approximately 213cm to accommodate the Cuba, so this is only really an option when space is not at a premium.

Regarding twin beds, the most popular options here are using two 75cm wide bed bases to create a 150cm base when pushed together (creating a standard UK king size) or ordering two 90cm wide bases to make a super-king bed (180cm) together. N.B. The standard length for both the small singe and standard single beds required is 190cm but both king and super-king bases tend to be 200cm long.

In order for the two bases to work as a larger size when positioned together without any gap, it is important to choose a base where the mattress sits on top of the frame rather than within it. This way you avoid a central gap between the two mattresses. The applicable bed bases are: the Tibet, Nevada, Sonora, Malabar, Sahara, Kyoto, Kumo, Kobe, Sol, Tao and Arran. The Shetland could also be considered, although there would be a gap created in the fabric headboards by the wooden frame that surrounds the upholstered panel.

As all our beds are made to order we can change the lengths of the single beds to accommodate. Doing this may reduce your mattress choice overall but the following options are still available in both 75x200cm and 90x200cm in our range: Waterlattex, Moon, Relaxsan, and our futon mattresses.

We are currently working to a 6 week manufacturing lead time for our beds. Our carriers collect each week’s orders every Monday with an estimated delivery time for most post-code areas of 5-7 days. If your address is classed as remote, for example in a very rural area or coastal area, this may increase to 14 days. We understand that holiday homes are not your main properties and as such you would require as much notice as possible for delivery; our carriers will contact you before the goods leave us to arrange a delivery date with a 4 hour time-slot. The delivery driver will also contact you 30 minutes prior to their arrival on the day.

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