Wondering which of our wooden bedsteads would suit your style of bedroom? Here we’ll take a look at our exclusive range of solid wood bed bases and look at the bedroom styles they are designed to suit.

Many of our bedsteads will look good with a range of interior design styles, but here we’ll look at the most popular styles:

Contemporary Country Style

This look is a pared down, modern take on a classic country style – this is a relaxed, rustic look but without lots of pattern (often associated with a more traditional country cottage look). The beds that best suit this look are from our Nevada range of simple modern beds. This collection includes the Nevada, Sonora, Sahara, Malabar and Tibet beds. The simplicity of the design really shows off the grain of the timber – so we’d choose a hardwood with a vibrant grain such as cherry, ash or walnut.

If you are looking for a bedstead with real impact the Orchid four poster is good option. It’s a contemporary version of a classic 4 poster, and when ordered in ash, oak or cherry wood – and dressed with fresh cotton bedding and cosy wool throws – it is perfect for a modern rustic look bedroom. Accessorise with simple anglepoise bedside lights or a cosy lantern and candle.

Classic & Formal

We offer a range of classic bedsteads – elegant bed designs which demonstrate real attention to detail. The beds from our range that suit a more formal look are those with a taller headboard panel including the Cochin, Shetland, Skye, Samarkand and four poster beds (Orchid, Highland and Raj). The Cochin has a tall headboard and elegant tapered legs, along with carved details to tops of the bed legs. We also offer a bedside table designed to match. The Cochin bedstead is particularly popular in oak, walnut, maple and cherry wood.

The Shetland and Skye bed both have upholstered headboards. The Shetland has a tall, plain upholstered headboard panel and a wooden frame which borders it. This gives the impression that the upholstered section is a work of art within a frame, this bed is a great choice to to show off a beautiful upholstery fabric. The Skye has our tallest headboard panel and has lots of buttons, each hand covered in a matching fabric. These beds are ideal if you want a tall headboard so you can pile up your pillows and cushions.

Take a look at the Shaker collection from the Black Lotus range for bedroom storage to suit these classic beds, available in oak or walnut.

Modern Hotel Luxury

We have a wide range of modern wooden bedsteads available to order in oak, walnut, beech, ash, maple or cherry. For a sophisticated ‘hotel’ look keep to a pared down colour palette of neutrals with rich, textured fabrics. Below you can see our modern Zanskar bed, shown here in solid walnut, this bed has a sloping headboard and tapered legs. The Zanskar is reminiscent of ‘mid-century modernism’ in it’s design and looks great with our modern Cube collection of bedroom storage units.

If you have the room, another stunning option is a 4 poster, the Highland or the Black Orchid four posters are perfect for a hotel look. The Black Orchid is a solid oak 4 poster with a black lacquered finish (the lacquer have a soft, subtle sheen – almost matte – it’s just enough to highlight the grain of the oak beneath). The Highland 4 poster has a plain upholstered headboard panel – you can see it above in cherry wood with headboard panel upholstered in a wool marl fabric in a neutral ‘linen’ colour. Dress these beds in luxury cotton bedding, such as our 1000 thread count collection, and drape a cosy faux fur throw over the end of the bed.

Again our contemporary upholstered beds will work with this look, above you can see the Shetland and Arran beds. The Arran has a mid-height headboard panel with two rows of buttons for a more modern take on a buttoned headboard. Take a look at the Ethnicraft collection of walnut furniture to complete your bedroom scheme.

Industrial Loft Look

This look calls for bold designs, a masculine look and elements of industrial inspired design. Our low loft beds – the Ki, Kulu and Oregon – are the most popular bedsteads for this look. They are wide and low platform beds. The solid wood looks great against a concrete or bare brick wall, suggesting an industrial heritage to the space. Soften the look with a natural wooden flooring and a cosy, wool rug.

The ideal bedding for this look can be found on our linen bedding page – soft rumpled linen in dove grey or charcoal gives a relaxed yet luxurious look. The Camino or Kantha bedspreads are a stylish way to add an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

Eclectic & Boho

This look is a favourite of those who love interiors inspired by their travels abroad. Take a look at our Japanese style bedsteads – the Kobe, Kumo and Kyoto beds – if your preference is for an Oriental look. These beds look great with simple layers of bedding in neutrals and warm tones.

If your bedroom style is a more bohemian and romantic look, try our Samarkand and Mandalay bedsteads – these designs were inspired by our designers trips to India and have beautifully carved details to the legs and headboard posts. Dress these beds with fresh white bedding or bedding in deep jewel tones from our Indian bedding collection.

For more inspirational bedroom looks click here to check out our Pinterest boards.