In the last few weeks we’ve had several enquiries asking if we could produce ‘twin beds’, two single beds that can be used together as singles or pushed together to form a king size or super-king base. This appears to be popular in cottage lets and Bed and Breakfasts, where rooms are changed around to account for differing needs of and numbers of guests. They are also a great choice for a guest bedroom, or for couples struggling to find a mattress that suits them both as they have very different preferences. Twin beds with two single mattresses allow two quite different mattresses to be used.

So, now seemed like a good time to look into the differing options we offer…

When looking at the possibility of using two solid wood single beds to form one larger base, the first detail to consider is whether you would like the beds to form a standard king (150x200cm) or super-king (180x200cm) base? For the former, this would require two 75x200cm beds (a longer version of a standard small single), for the latter, two 90x200cm (a long standard single). It is worth noting that there would be no difference in the prices quoted on our website for the standard (190cm in length) single options and the longer versions (200cm long) required here.

Alternatively you can just push together two standard singles – just note that the mattress length will be 190cm and select your bedding accordingly.

In order for the two bases to work as a larger size when positioned together without any gap, it is important to choose a base where the mattress sits on top of the frame rather than within it. This way you avoid a central gap between the two mattresses. The applicable bed bases are: the Tibet, Nevada, Sonora, Malabar, Sahara, Kyoto, Kumo, Kobe, Sol, Tao and Arran. The Shetland could also be considered, although there would be a gap created in the fabric headboards by the wooden frame that surrounds the upholstered panel.

Once you have decided on the size and design, the final choice to consider is which mattress or mattresses you would like to pair with the beds. The good news is that the vast majority of the mattresses in our range are available in the sizes required – here is a full list – the Waterlattex, Moon, Orthosoft, Relaxsan, Memotouch, Optimal Support, Comfort Dual, our hand-made futon mattresses, the Memory Firm and Memory Medium.

From the above list, the Comfort Dual is definitely one to take a closer look at as this mattress is made with a medium side and a firm side, ideal for couples that can have differing requirements from a mattress.

To give an idea of the mattresses with similar depths that could be used together on a twin bed please take a look at the list below:

Moon Firm – 16cm deep
Orthosoft, Relaxsan – 18cm deep
Memotouch, Memory Firm, Memory Medium, Waterlattex, Optimal Support – 20cm deep
Comfort Dual – 25cm deep

If you are interested in ordering two extra long (200cm) single beds to use as a twin, and pairing them with mattresses from our collection, please let us know and we will request a price from our mattress suppliers. As 200cm long singles are non-standard, we do not keep these mattresses in stock – typically we would expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks for delivery. We are currently working to a 5-6 week manufacturing lead time for the beds I have discussed, with up to a further 5-7 working days for delivery once production is complete.

As the whole idea behind twin beds is that that they can be moved to create differing sleeping arrangements, it is worth pointing out the best way to move the bases around to ensure they are not damaged. If possible, the beds should not be pushed into place as this causes stress at the joints – ideally, they should be lifted from the headboard and foot-board ends.

As some of the options I have discussed are non-standard, you will not be able to purchase the sizes required on our website. When you decide to order, simply call our sales team on 0114 272 1984 and we’ll be happy to help. Our opening hours are 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday.

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