Platform beds are a great way to make a statement in your bedroom. Luxurious and perfect for lounging, their low profile makes a striking silhouette in any space. Our range of platform beds are ever-increasing in popularity. We think it’s their unique, relaxed style that sets them apart, plus their simplicity and versatility in pairing with existing bedroom styles. Read on to find out more about our platform bed designs…

Japanese Inspiration

Heavily inspired by Japanese culture, our collection of low platform beds is named after the famous Japanese city of Kyoto. The Kyoto collection encompasses a range of platform beds, some a variation of our Kyoto bed itself, and others with their own distinct features.

Our tallest platform bed, the Kyoto bed (above) has a height of 26.5cm to the top of the bed slats (where the mattress sits) and an under-bed clearance of 19.5cm. The Kyoto is also our only platform bed with ample space underneath it to store under-bed drawers. The Kyoto under-bed drawers are the perfect height and width to sit under this bed base, and add a touch of extra style as well as storage. Available with or without a headboard.

Looking for a platform style in your living room? The Kyoto is also available as a day bed. Paired with our handmade futons for Japanese flair in any room.

Kumo & Kobe Platform Beds

Kumo & Kobe are Kyoto’s little sisters. Variations on the height of the Kyoto, they carry that signature Japanese style. For example, the Kumo (below) is 21.5cm in height (to the top of the bed slats), with only 14.5cm under-bed clearance. This means there is no room for under-bed drawers, but makes this bed look as if it’s floating. That’s why it’s named after the Japanese word for cloud!

The Kobe (below) is the lowest bed in the Kyoto collection, measuring just 14cm to the top of the bed slats, with 7cm under-bed clearance. As a result, this bed is the ultimate in Japanese simplicity. All our platform beds are available with or without a headboard, so you can customise your look.

Koo & Kulu Platform Beds

The Koo and Kulu beds are practically twins, the the only difference being the choices for the headboard. The Kulu bed offers a combination of options due to its floating side tables and headboard. These can be added or left off, depending on the look you want to go for. We can also make this bed in a full timber of your choice, or you can choose to have the headboard – or the full bed – in sleek black oak.

The Koo has the same floating side tables as the Kulu, but we offer the option to further customise your headboard on this bed. We can Pantone-match any colour that you’d like the headboard to be painted in, or you can supply your own Farrow & Ball paint colour swatch. These make great options if you’re going for a striking colour scheme in your room.

The Ki & the Oregon

The Oregon is by far our most sought-after platform bed. Specifically, this is due its luxurious headboard design and oversized footprint. This bed offers a low, lounging style, but is large enough to pile up pillows and stack up throws and duvets alike. The built-in platform edge also acts as a shelf and gives the bed it’s signature floating style.

Often, our customers fall in love with the Oregon, but this bed demands a big space. If you have a smaller bedroom, but love this style, we’d recommend taking a look at the Ki. This bed has no headboard, which gives it a smaller footprint, but the Ki design still retains the platform around the edge of the bed. This allows you to carry off the platform style, without the need of a large amount of space.

Platforms for all!

Which is your favourite platform design? Platform beds are sleek and luxurious, and offer maximum lounging real estate. Our favourite way to dress them is in a super minimal style, in keeping with Japanese ideals, but you can dress yours however you like!

If you have one of our platform beds, we’d love to see! Tag us in your photos on social media.

We hope this blog has been useful in finding out more about our Platform Beds. You can find the full range here on our website.