At Natural Bed Company we pride ourselves on responding creatively to the requirements of our customers. It is in response to requests for really low beds – perfect for attic bedrooms and modern, minimalist interiors – that we have developed our collection of ultra low beds. This collection encompasses a range of styles – from wide modern beds that, although low, have maximum impact and are ideal for a master bedroom through to subtle, simple designs with a small footprint great for when access or room size is an issue.

The Oregon – Master Platform Bed

The Oregon is a ‘show-stopper’ bed with a very wide frame. It looks extremely stylish, particularly when paired with two matching, ultra low, Oregon bedside tables. However you will need quite a bit of space for this – for example the king-size Oregon (i.e. the mattress size it accommodates is 150cm wide x 200cm in length) is 230cm in length and 180cm in width (add two 50cm wide bedside tables and the overall width required is around 3m.)
The frame is only 17cm from the floor, but the bed has a generous sloping headboard panel (great when you want to do some serious bedtime reading and need good support for your pillows!) The height to the top of the headboard panel is 60cm from the floor. The overall impression is sleek, low and wide. This bed is often selected for New York style loft spaces.

If you don’t have this amount of space available but still want a low bed with a comfy, sloped headboard – take a look at our Java bed. The top of the side rails of the Java are just 18cm above floor level and the top of the headboard is 65cm above the floor – similar to the Oregon – but the Java has a much smaller footprint than the Oregon – a king-size Java is just 165cm wide and only 212cm in length.

The Kulu and The Koo – Low, Modern Platform Beds

The Kulu and Koo beds have an almost identical design, but the headboard panel of the Koo is a lacquered board (available in any colour – the choice is entirely yours!) while the Kulu headboard is solid timber to match the frame. The height of the foot-panel is merely 15cm in height but is wider than the frame to give an solid, chunky look from the front. The headboard panel is 58cm in height and, like the foot-panel, is a generous width with the option of attaching two ‘bedside’ platforms – perfect to rest an alarm clock and a cup of tea!

The foot print of these low platform beds is wide, but much shorter in length than the Oregon – for example a king-size Kulu is just 205cm in length and 175cm in width (add the two bedside platforms and the width rises to 205cm). The Kulu and Koo suit a wide range of interior design styles

Modern Ultra Low Beds without a headboard – Kobe , Ki and Rio

If you are looking for a very discreet, ultra low bed – take a look at the Rio. The Rio is a solid pine slat base that will sit directly under your mattress, so that with bedding it is barely visible. The base rests on the floor, just allowing enough room for good airflow beneath the mattress (a great design feature as this will prolong the life of your mattress). The Rio is particularly popular with customers looking for a simple, Japanese inspired look – they just add a futon mattress and minimal bedding.

If you want a low bed with a similarly minimalist style but with more impact – take a look at the Kobe and Ki beds. The Kobe is the lowest of our Japanese look beds from the Kyoto collection (the collection includes the Kobe, Kumo and Kyoto beds) and it is available with or without a headboard panel. Two solid timber struts run across the width of the bed platform, supporting the sleeping platform in a way that makes it appear to almost float above the floor when viewed from the front. The Kobe is available in a range of timbers from pine to walnut.
The Ki bed (shown above in solid oak with grey and raspberry coloured bedding) is similar to the Kulu, but the Ki is without a headboard. The Ki has a wide, chunky foot-panel 19.5cm in height and a solid looking frame e.g. a king-size Ki is 165cm in width and 205cm in length.

Contemporary Ultra Low beds with 4 legs – Nevada or Sonora

The Nevada and Sonora beds are the lowest beds from our Nevada collection (this collection also includes the taller Sahara, Malabar and Tibet beds), the beds from this collection are characterised by a compact foot-print and a contemporary style with a classic 4-leg bed design.

The difference between the Sonora and the Nevada is the height of the headboard panel. If you are looking for a tall headboard panel select the Sonora, if you prefer a low headboard (or the bed is to be positioned under the eaves of a low attic bedroom) then select the Nevada bed. The top of the side rails on both the Nevada and the Sonora are 17cm from the ground (i.e. the mattress is in the same position for either option) but the top of the Nevada headboard is 54cm, while it is 73cm high on the Sonora.

If you are looking for ultra low bedside tables to sit next to either of these low beds – try the lowest Cube table (with a handy drawer for storage) or the Nevada Bedside Table, both are available in any of our standard timbers or finishes.

If you would like to see more images of beautiful bedrooms with very low beds – take a look at our Pinterest board: Low Beds

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